No matter what type of riding you like to do, there’s an electric bike for you. And once you integrate an e-bike into your daily life, don’t be surprised if you find yourself going by bike more and more often. Because not only are electric bikes super-useful, they’re super-fun to ride.

Electric city and hybrid bikes


Ride to work, run some errands or just ride for fun! The FX+ is designed for exploring more of your city.

Dual Sport+

Versatile and stable. The Dual Sport+ is an adventure-loving hybrid e-bike that puts comfort first on any road or trail.


Our most comfortable city e-bike’s reliable power and upright riding position is perfect for fun recreational rides.


Sleek, speedy and ultra-premium. It makes long commutes fun and is an outstanding choice for replacing your car.


A low-maintenance e-bike designed for city commuters. The District+ is fully equipped and ready to ride whenever you are.

Vale Go!

A premium Electra e-bike with a powerful Bosch drive system and bigger wheels for better traction even on unpaved terrain.

Loft Go!

Run errands and get around town with confidence and ease on this stylish, vintage-inspired Electra Go! e-bike.

Electric mountain bikes


The Powerfly is a versatile and powerful e-MTB that helps you explore more of your off-road world.

Powerfly Equipped

Built for trail riding and commuting, this e-bike comes decked out with ride-ready accessories.


A hard-charging electric trail bike with plenty of travel and proven technology to get you through the rough stuff.


Our lightest full suspension e-MTB delivers the perfect amount of suspension and power for long, fast XC rides.

Electric road bikes

Domane+ SLR

The Domane+ SLR is our lightest and fastest e-road bike, complete with our highest-level OCLV Carbon, premium components and a natural-feeling assist that keeps you quick and comfortable on epic all-day adventures.

Domane+ AL

Our highest-value e-road bike, the Domane+ AL boasts a strong and light aluminium frame, a sleek integrated display and control buttons, and a long range so you can take the scenic route home.

Domane LT+

This light and fast carbon e-road bike is powered by a sleek and efficient electric drive system that lets you hang with the fast group and power up climbs with ease.

Domane+ ALR

This versatile and affordable e-road bike features a premium aluminium frame and sleek Fazua drive system that delivers on-demand assistance whenever you need it.

Electric recreation bikes

Townie Go!

Simple and intuitive, the Electra Townie Go! makes every around-town excursion more fun.

Townie Path Go!

A super stylish line-up of reliable Electra Go! e-bikes that deliver equal parts performance and good looks.

Attitude Go!

Outfitted with Bosch technology and carefully designed, this line of e-cruisers gets you wherever you need to go with style and speed.

Why choose Trek? We're your e-bike experts.

Wherever you are – we’re there, too

We have a worldwide network of certified e-bike retailers and service centres, so you’ll always be able to find a qualified mechanic who understands electric bikes.

We’ll take care of you

We’re proud to have the best warranty programme in the industry. Every Trek e-bike is backed by a lifetime frame warranty and a two-year battery warranty.

Best-in-class electronics

We only use pedal-assist e-bike drive systems that meet our incredibly high standards of quality, reliability, serviceability and ease of use.

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