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So much adventure, so little stopping you

Climb to new heights and explore the miles beyond with an e-MTB that supercharges the fun in every ride. Powerfly helps you take on steeper terrain, ride faster, and go farther thanks to the powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motor. Now with advanced smart system technology and a sleek new LED remote, Powerfly gives you more connection and control on every ride, so you can explore more of the world just the way you want to.

Up to 20mph (25km/h)


Up to 5 hours

500 to 625Wh

Bosch smart system LED remote

Control is at your fingertips with Bosch’s LED remote that lets you toggle through modes, including Walk Mode, and view your currently-selected assist level. Plus, it pairs with the eBike Flow app via Bluetooth for syncing your ride data and getting over-the-air system updates.

Bosch Kiox 300

The full-color Kiox 300 display gives you a quick look at ride metrics, tracks your fitness, and even helps you navigate.
Found on Powerfly 7 and higher models.

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Bosch Intuvia 100

The large-format Intuvia 100 display makes it easy to see your most important ride metrics. It's fully wireless, making it simple to remove for secure storage.
Found on Powerfly 4 and 5 models.

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Power to the pedal

Built to perform 

Since 1886 (you read that right) Bosch has been building technology based around two driving principles — precision and quality. Today, they make some of the most revered motors in the e-bike world. They deliver powerful, natural-feeling assist that’s backed with a global network of support that’s there for you no matter what.

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Intelligent assist 

The Performance Line CX motor gives you 85Nm of torque to get you up steep climbs and accelerate to top speeds.
Choose from 4 ride modes depending on the level of support you want. The Tour+ and eMTB modes automatically adjust the assist based on your pedaling input and the terrain so you get predictable, natural-feeling power.

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Our Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system lets you pull your battery off quickly and easily. No awkward reaching under your downtube or digging in the toolbox necessary. 

Built to elevate your e-bike experience, Bosch’s eBike Flow app lets you take control of your ride. It works with both iOS and Android phones, auto-updates your remote and display with the latest features, and the home screen gives you a quick overview of your most important ride data like battery status and range. 

Customize your assist

Fine-tune assist modes to your liking. Get the most support on your climbs or stretch out the miles on longer rides with more efficient power use.

Set your record

Tracking starts as soon as your foot hits the pedal and pauses automatically when you take a break. Plus, your data synchronizes with integrated apps like Apple Health in real-time.

Tech built for Trek

Trek-exclusive integration means the eBike Flow app automatically recognizes your Trek e-MTB, provides service recommendations, and will even help you find your local Trek shop.

There’s something in the air

Smart system connects over Bluetooth for completely wireless synching and updates over the air.

Easy handling

Comfortable, upright geometry feels great through long miles and allows for quick maneuvers through technical sections of trail.

One smooth ride

Soak up rocks and roots with just enough suspension to smooth out the trail without going overboard.

Smart wheel sizing

Everyone deserves a great ride, no matter their size. That’s why we equip Powerfly with size-appropriate wheels to keep both shorter and taller riders rolling with confidence.

Powerfly Hardtail

Trail-tough, commute-ready, Powerfly Hardtails is dependable and rugged enough for whatever your to-do list holds. It may skip out on rear suspension but it more than makes up for it with cost-savings and a lighter weight package.

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Powerfly Full Suspension

Take on bigger adventures with Powerfly Full Suspension. With 120mm of front and 100mm of rear travel, this Powerfly is ready for rockier terrain and helps boost traction and comfort in the rough stuff.

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Powerfly Equipped

Trail bike capability meets city bike versatility on Powerfly Equipped. This e-MTB is made for rugged utility, with durable parts and a suite of adventure-ready accessories, like lights, fenders, a kickstand, and racks for hauling gear.

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Looking for a more streamlined ride? Powerfly offers the same do-anything versatility as its equipped partner but skips the racks and extra gear. It’s a rugged and ready blank canvas ready for you to accessorize and tweak to meet your needs.

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Powerfly FS Gen 2 and Powerfly Gen 3 pack in all the power and features you need for adventurous rides and exploration, but skip Bosch's smart system and LED remote for a simple, app-free ride with Bosch's proven, previous-generation components. You get the same stable and confident geometry as the latest generation Powerfly, and a little more bike for your buck with a legacy e-system.

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Powefly with smart system

New Powerfly FS Gen 3 and Powerfly Gen 4 give you all the same features the previous generation, plus the addition of Bosch’s latest smart system for a streamlined setup and maximum integration. It’s everything you love about the previous generation — just a little bit smarter.

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Looking for something else?


Want an e-MTB that’s ready to go big? Rail is the choice for riders who to blast up climbs effortlessly with a full powered, long traveled steed. It’s built for those who consider the trail their second home and want a ride that rips as hard as its non-electric siblings.

Fuel EXe

Looking for a balance of power and natural trail bike feel? Fuel EXe offers just enough power to make climbing a breeze, and a lightweight, nimble ride that feels like a traditional trail bike, Fuel EXe is the go-to for those who want an e-bike that doesn’t look like an e-bike.