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// FIXME: Move as much of the JS as possible from this file and put it within this file: // hybris/bin/custom/trek/trekstorefront/web/javascript/modules/productRegistration.js ? // error messages set for required fields var productRegistration_messages = { powf_7bb97f180407e51180edc4346bac6b34: 'Please enter your first name', powf_de7989290407e51180edc4346bac6b34: 'Please enter your last name', powf_0582a1ca0407e51180edc4346bac6b34: 'Please enter your email', powf_75b609f60407e51180edc4346bac6b34: 'Please enter your purchase date (MM/DD/YYYY)', powf_6cf7ba2f0507e51180edc4346bac6b34: 'Please enter your product description', powf_fa347c3e0507e51180edc4346bac6b34: 'Please enter the retail location where you purchased the product', powf_8dd23d0a0507e51180edc4346bac6b34: 'Please enter your serial number' }; // Clear visible alerts when the form submit button is clicked // (so previous errors that are resolved no longer show as an error) function clearAlert(){ $('.alert').empty(); $('#powf_D049F6BE0307E51180EDC4346BAC6B34').children().children().children('li').removeClass( 'form__item--error alert-icon-after' ) }

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Registration is a quick and easy way to protect your new-bike investment. It provides a record of your serial number in case your bike is ever lost or stolen, and will help us get in touch with you with important product information.

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