The ultimate comfort e-bike

Wherever you’re headed, Verve+ is the best way to get there. These e-bikes are ultra-comfortable, super intuitive to use, and a ton of fun to ride. You can power up hills, easily carry groceries, and explore new destinations knowing you’ll have more than enough boost to do it all.

Introducing the all-new Verve+ 4S

Soar through traffic and keep pace with cars on new Verve+ 4S. This speedy steed takes power to the max, so you can pedal as fast as 28mph. It features wide tires that soak up bumps and elevate grip, and racks and fenders for extra versatility. Wherever you roll, Verve+ 4S is ready to accelerate your commute, make errands a breeze, and always arrive fashionably early.

Fun doesn’t have to be complicated. Verve+ has intuitive, easy-to-use controls, smooth, simple shifting, and enough battery power to boost your ride there AND back. The powerful Bosch drive system gives you just the assist you crave for getting up and over steep city hills or riding into a headwind, plus it naturally kicks on and off as you pedal for a feel that’s smooth and natural.

Up to 28mph

Up to 65 miles

400 to 500Wh

World-leading Bosch performance

Bosch systems are high-quality, super easy to use, and ultra-reliable. That’s why you’ll find them on so many of our e-bikes! Bosch has led the world in battery and motor innovation for decades, and provides outstanding global support and service to keep you spinning.

Long-life battery

Spend your time in the saddle, not charging up. Whichever Verve+ model you choose, you’re getting a battery that’s primed for longer rides. And when you do need to charge up, it’s as easy as charging your phone—and you can charge your Verve+ battery on or off your bike.

Simple, reliable power

Bosch systems make the e-bike experience simple, putting the power right at your fingertips. You control when and how much boost you get so you can ride faster, cover more ground, skip the traffic jams, and have more fun on every ride.

Support all over the globe

Bosch’s dependable e-bike systems are backed by an outstanding warranty, worldwide support, and expert service at Trek retailers around the globe.

The ultimate comfort ride

Every Verve+ is equipped with a plush saddle and ergonomic grips that elevate comfort as soon as you saddle up. Plus, models with lowstep frames are even easier to hop on and off, making a perfect choice for riders who want extra confidence on every ride

Stay stable and confident

Wide tires and powerful disc brakes give you stability, traction, and loads of stopping power.

Ready to roll

Integrated lights, fenders, a kickstand, and a rear rack let you ride in any weather and carry everything you need.

More power-packed possibilities


FX+ is an intuitive, fully equipped electric assist bike designed for exploring more of your city. Ride to work, run errands, or just ride for fun on our lightest city e-bike ever.

Dual Sport+

Dual Sport+ is an adventure-loving electric bike for wherever you roam. From path to pavement and dirt to doubletrack, this hybrid e-bike delivers a versatile, stable, comfort-first experience on both road and trail.


This sleek, speedy electric bike is designed with premium parts and thoughtful features avid riders will love.