Your lightweight, everyday e-bike

FX+ is an intuitive, fully equipped electric assist bike designed for exploring more of your city. Ride to work, run errands, or just ride for fun on our lightest city e-bike ever.

Simple, fun, equipped, electric

Just get on and go! FX+ is equipped with lights, fenders, and a rear rack to carry your essentials, simple and intuitive on-bar controls with three levels of assist, a sleek 250Wh internal battery, and so much more.

Ride natural

Natural-feeling assist up to 20 mph

Ride light

Pounds lighter than most electric bikes

Ride simplified

Simple and intuitive—just get on and go

Ride ready

Stock with lights, fenders, and a rear rack

Our best-selling bike, now with a boost

FX+ is the electric-assist version of our most popular hybrid bike. Hop on and enjoy a natural-feeling 20mph assist, simple and intuitive on-bar controls, and a powerful and efficient rear hub motor that makes it easy to see even more of the places you love.

A powerful and reliable hub-drive motor provides a smooth, easy to control boost that feels natural while you’re pedaling, so you can enjoy speedier adventures, sweat-free errands, and a morning commute you might actually look forward to.


Up to 35 miles

Range with Range Extender

70 miles

Every FX+ has a reliable 250Wh internal battery system that will move you through town and country with ease. Explore up to 35 miles on one charge, or go even farther with an optional Range Extender battery system.

Powerful rear hub motor

FX+ comes stock with a rear wheel drive electric motor for confident handling and uninterrupted power.

Convenient on-bar controls

A faster ride, right at your fingertips. Toggle between three levels of assist with easy-to-use on-bar controls.

Sleek hidden battery

A reliable 250Wh internal battery system looks clean and lets you ride farther, faster.

Optional Range Extender

Ride up to 2x farther with a 250Wh plug-and-play battery.

The Trek Central app
Everything in the palm of your hand
Completely adjust your tune settings to enjoy even longer range, map out your perfect ride,
track your ride stats, and so much more on the Trek Central app.

Ready to ride

Get all the details you need from an easy-to-use dashboard, check your connection, get tire pressure recommendations, and more.

See your stats

Keep track of the hours you spend in the saddle, the distance you ride, battery usage, and calories burned.

Plan your ride

Map out the perfect ride and see how far you can make it with your current assist mode and battery level.

More electric possibilities


Verve+ is a comfort-first hybrid e-bike designed with an easy to mount stepthrough frame, upright riding position, and more powerful motor to help you cruise farther, faster.

Dual Sport+

Dual Sport+ is an adventure-loving electric bike for wherever you roam. From path to pavement and dirt to doubletrack, this hybrid e-bike delivers a versatile, stable, comfort-first experience on both road and trail.