E-bike safety - Our e-bikes comply with leading standards

Trek and Electra e-bikes are compliant with leading safety regulations

The quality of an electric bike’s e-system and battery really matters — not just for the reliability of your e-bike, but more importantly, for your safety. We follow a strict protocol of testing to e-bike safety standards that includes third party validation so you can enjoy a range-extending boost and a little extra peace of mind.

What makes Trek and Electra e-bikes different?

The e-systems on Trek and Electra e-bikes are third-party tested to comply with leading e-bike safety regulations, including the rigorous UL 2849 standard. This standard is set by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent organization that develops safety standards for a variety of industries.  

What does it mean for an e-bike to be compliant to UL standards? 

If an e-bike complies with UL standards, that means its electrical system (including its drivetrain, battery, and charger) meets the minimum safety requirements set by Underwriters Lab. In order to meet this standard, we put our e-bike components through the ringer — from extreme temperature to shock and vibration — so you can worry less and ride more.  

How do I know if my e-bike is up to standard?

All new Trek and Electra e-bikes will have a hang tag signifying compliance to UL standards. The e-system on your bike might also have a sticker or marking signifying compliance to UL standards, which you can find on the underside of your e-bike battery. If you need help removing your battery or are wondering about the compliance of an older e-bike model, stop into your local Trek retailer.

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