Electric bike buyer’s guide

Happiness is an e-bike ride away

With power comes endless possibilities

No matter if you’re new to bikes or well-seasoned on two wheels, Trek electric bikes amplify fun and supercharge possibilities for any kind of rider. From pepping up your pedals on the path to feeling a never-ending tailwind up steep canyon roads, or cruising with extra support through errands and commutes, our e-bike buyer’s guide will help you learn everything you need to know to add a boost of power to your next bike, so you can ride farther, ride faster, and ride more often.

What is an electric bike?

Electric bikes (also known as e-bikes and electric assist bikes) are bicycles that amplify your pedaling power thanks to an electric drive system that helps propel you forward. E-bikes can look just like a traditional bike with similar shapes, construction, and features, but in additional to the shifters, brakes, and handlebars you would find on a regular bike, electric bikes pack in a motor, battery, and typically a controller that lets you choose how much power the system provides. There are e-bikes made for all kinds of riding, from rugged mountain trails to bike paths and open roads, so no matter where you roll, there’s an electric bike ready to take you there.

Where are you on your e-bike journey?

Brand new to e-bikes?

We’ve been there too! Find everything you need to know, from the tech that makes e-bikes go to the gear you need to ride them in our handy new to e-bikes guide.

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Got the basics covered but need some specifics?

Find answers to the most common and quirky e-bike questions with our deep dive into frequently asked questions about electric bikes.

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Electric bikes for any kind of riding

From dusty trails to rolling roads, there’s an e-bike waiting for your next adventure. Find out more about the different kinds of electric bikes, and what sets them apart.

Electric city and fitness bikes

Ride through town, power up your workout, or cruise through commutes with e-city bikes built for paths and pavement.

Electric road bikes

Soar up canyons and enjoy your own personal tailwind wherever you roll with e-road bikes.

Electric mountain bikes

Turn steep, rocky climbs into good vibes and high fives with the grin-inducing power of e-mountain bikes.

Go electric, get rewarded

Want to save money on an e-bike? Select states and cities are now offering rebates on new electric bike purchases! Check to see if you're eligible for one below.

Why choose Trek electric bikes?

Seven reasons Trek is the smarter e-bike investment

Awesome warranty, built to last

Trek e-bike motors and batteries are warrantied for two years. That’s twice as long as many major online brands*. Plus, all Trek bike frames are warrantied for life.

Expert assembly and service

Every Trek e-bike is tuned in-house by certified technicians, and you’ll never have to ship a Trek to a faraway maintenance center for service.

Third-party tested and certified

All Trek electric bikes are certified to meet or exceed leading e-bike safety standards, so you can ride, park, and store your bike with peace of mind.

Made to keep you in control

Trek uses only predictable pedal-assist systems, and every model is equipped with reliable, all-weather, hydraulic disc brakes.

Durable, high-quality parts

Trek e-bikes have robust hubs, wheels, and tires made for the higher speeds and power of an electric bike.

We know bikes. It’s what we do.

Every one of Trek’s 30+ e-bike models is informed by five decades of development experience.

We'll take care of you.

Buyer’s remorse is a thing of the past. You have 30 days to love your Trek e-bike. If you don’t, we’ll take it back.

Take my keys, please

See what happened when we swapped out someone's car keys for an electric bike for 30 days. We’ll give you a hint: e-bikes can change your life.