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All-new Allant+

This bike will change your life

Allant+ pushes the boundaries of possibility. You’ll go farther and see more from your saddle. Every errand run becomes an excuse to ride. Long commutes become quick joyrides. Big hills become big fun. And your car becomes your backup plan. Whatever you do, wherever you go, life’s bigger with Allant+.

Crush your commute

Leave the traffic jam behind. Powerful and fast Bosch drive systems get you where you’re going in no time, whether you work near or far. Plus, intuitive controls and ride-ready integrated accessories make your commute even more carefree.

Kick up your cruise

Riding bikes is the best way to soak up your surroundings. From afternoon joyrides to weekend trips with friends, Allant+ takes the enjoyment up a notch with its hill-flattening boost and distance-shrinking range.

Built to thrill

Allant+ is designed with a less-is-more philosophy that’s focused on giving you an incredibly intuitive riding experience and an elegant, streamlined look. But don’t let the simplicity deceive you—every aspect of this bike is carefully crafted to make each ride more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Sleek, integrated frame

Allant+ looks as fast as it feels thanks to smart design details from top to bottom. The thing you’ll notice most is the easy-to-use Removable Integrated Battery system that fully encases the battery within the frame. You can also get an Allant+ with a stagger or low step frame that makes it even easier to hop on and off.

Bosch delivers more power, more speed, more distance

Bosch has led the world in battery and motor innovation for decades, and their e-bike drive systems are powerful, reliable, and intuitive to use. Plus, they’re the only supplier that provides outstanding global support and service.

Powerful performance motors

Smaller, lighter Bosch Performance Line CX and Performance Speed motors feel more natural while you’re pedaling, and drag less when you’re not. If you’re looking for an ultra-quick commuter, Allant+ models with the faster Performance Speed motor¬ make long rides fly by.

Batteries with range to roam

Every Allant+ boasts a powerful, long-range Bosch battery. Some bikes have Bosch’s new 625Wh battery for even more miles per charge. You can charge your battery on or off the bike using the included charging cable, and Trek's proprietary Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system makes it easy to remove without tools.

Controllers that keep you connected

Download the COBI.Bike app and your phone becomes an on-board computer. Attach it to your SmartphoneHub controller to charge, make or take calls, listen to music, get turn-by-turn directions, and more.

Go the distance with Range Boost

Adding Range Boost to your bike can up to double your range. Range Boost is an additional 500Wh battery that can be attached to the down tube of most Allant+ models. You can have it installed by your local bike shop right away, or in the future if you find yourself riding longer, commuting farther, or taking on bigger adventures.

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Equipped with everything you need to ride

Allant+ is thoughtfully designed to make it more fun to ride anywhere and everywhere. That’s why we decked it out with ride-ready integrated accessories that help you get where you’re going with less hassle.

Light your way

Integrated lights ensure you’re visible during the day and at night. Plus, they’re powered by your Bosch drive system so they’re always ready when you are.

Take it with you

Attach panniers, trunk bags, and more to the rear rack to easily carry everything you need for the day or for a weekend trip. Plus, integrated fenders help keep your belongings clean and dry.

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