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Comfortable, simple, stable, and fun to ride

Verve is a recreational hybrid bike built for comfortable everyday adventures. It's perfect for cruising roads and paths in style, getting outside more, and enjoying your time in the saddle. From path to pavement, Verve delivers comfort, confidence, style, and the ultimate feel-good riding experience.

Upright, never uptight

The relaxed frame geometry puts you in a comfortable riding position that’s easy on your back and arms, great for controlling the bike on a variety of surfaces, and perfect for seeing the world around you.

You choose your frame style

Verve is available in both a standard frame style and lowstep, which makes it easy to hop on and off. Whichever style you choose, you'll get the same comfortable riding experience.

The ultimate confidence-inspiring ride

This hybrid bike brings confidence to everyday adventures with a simple shifting system, extra stability on a wide variety of surfaces, and features that keep you comfortable even over long distances.

Super-stable tires

Verve’s wide tires deliver exceptional stability and traction, and every set features a tread pattern that’s great on both path and pavement.

All-weather disc brakes

Powerful disc brakes let you stop on a dime and ask for change, and they make it easy to modulate your speed. Plus, they work in all weather conditions, so you'll never have to cut your ride short because of a little rain.

The most comfortable bike you'll ever ride

If comfort is your top priority, you've found your match in Verve. This bike is designed for comfort first, and it's equipped with a host of comfort features that turn every ride into a feel-good experience.

So long, saddle pain!

Every Verve is equipped with a plush, comfortable saddle designed for the ultimate feel-good riding experience, and select models have a suspension seatpost that absorbs bumps in your path before they reach your body.

Ergonomic grips

The ergonomic handlebar grips are designed for a natural, comfortable fit in your hand that fights fatigue and keeps you in control.

Your ride for life

Like every Trek hybrid, Verve is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you get a ride companion for life.

Go farther and faster with a Verve+ electric bike

Verve+ is an electric hybrid bike that pairs all of Verve's best qualities with the added bonus of an intuitive Bosch motor that boosts your own pedal power. Enjoy longer and faster rides, stay comfortable and confident, and see more of your world.

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