Domane+ SLR, ultra-fast and light electric road bikes

Everything you love about road riding, nothing you don’t

Take the tailwind with you and leave your limits behind on the all-new Domane+ SLR.
With a groundbreaking ratio of lightweight design and high-speed assist, Domane+ SLR offers pro peloton power and real road feel in a shockingly sleek and speedy package. This performance e-road bike looks, sounds, fits, and feels like a traditional road bike, with a discreet, natural-feeling assist that helps you fly up climbs, hang with the fast group, and venture to places far, far away.

So, go ahead – take the long way home. With Domane+ SLR, there’s always room for more miles, more speed, and more fun.

"Genuinely an all-new animal for road riding.”

- BikeRumor

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"Like an ever-present hand on your back…or the feeling you get when you’re having a really, really (really) good day.”

- CyclingTips

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“If the holy grail for the best electric road bikes, or at least the path to greater acceptance, is to appear largely indistinguishable from regular road bikes, then Trek has seemingly made up serious ground.”

- Cycling Weekly

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"A seriously sleek, lightweight class-3 e-road bike”

- VeloNews

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All speed. No limits.

Up to 28 mph

Total weight
~26 lbs.*

*Weight varies by model.
See product page for exact model weights.

~60 miles

~90 miles with Range Extender*

*In Eco Mode. Varies by route, rider, and terrain.


Tonality units - barely perceivable

More than meets the eye

True power lies within. Hidden behind the front chainring, Domane+ SLR’s harmonic pin ring transmission blends seamlessly into the frame, and its compact design offers a Q-factor similar to a traditional road bike for a more comfortable ride. Plus, a compact-but-powerful 360Wh battery allows for a smaller downtube than most e-road bikes, resulting in a sleek and subtle ride your friends won’t believe is electric.

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Quietly powerful

One of the best parts about road riding is the moment when the rest of the world fades away. When all that’s left is the open road, the hum of rubber on pavement, and the rhythm of your deepening breath. Domane+ SLR’s remarkably quiet and discreet e-system limits distracting noises so you can focus on the people and places that surround you.


Loudness is measured in dBA units and represents the quantity of an entire sound.

The TQ system is 1.5x quieter than high powered motors so you can focus more conversations with your riding buddies, and less on the sound of your bike.

Tonality (sound perception)

When it comes to sound, decibels don’t tell the whole story. Sounds like nearby traffic or wind rustling through trees might measure in as quite loud, but they don’t distract us from the ride. That has everything to do with something called tonality.

Simply put, tonality is the measurement of how unpleasant and perceivable a sound is. It’s the difference between the crunch of gravel under your tires and a squeaking brake rotor.

Cadence and tonality

Tonality, or sound perception, is measured in tonality units, or tu for short. Sounds that measure under 0.1tu aren’t perceivable to the human ear, while sounds over 0.4tu can be grating and unpleasant.

Domane+ SLR’s motor is tuned for tone, measuring in at 0.15 tu on average — 3.5 times less perceivable than other popular e-bike motors — so you can focus solely on the road ahead.

Data recorded in an anechoic chamber using a TQ system and calibrated B&K 4966-h-041 microphone and Siemens SCADAS data acquisition unit with an acoustically isolated Wahoo Kickr trainer set to 300W total resistance and bikes in maximum assist mode. Microphone was located 1 m laterally from the bottom bracket and 1.7 m off the floor (head height) and sampled at 51,200 Hz. Tonality calculated in Siemens Testlab Neo according to the ECMA-74:2019 standard.

Nothing else like it

Most e-bike motors use gears and belts to move you forward – but gears and belts lash, slip, rattle, and wear out over time, which can disconnect you from your ride. Domane+ SLR uses a unique TQ harmonic pin ring transmission that’s not only smaller and lighter than traditional e-bike motors, but – because it has fewer moving parts – it’s also smoother, quiet, and more durable.

A faster ride at your fingertips

Easily switch between three modes of natural-feeling assist with discreet hood-mounted controls conveniently located right next to your shifters.

Ingenious integration

A sleek integrated display on the top tube provides live updates of your range, battery life, and speed.

Everything in the palm of your hand

Completely adjust your tune settings to enjoy even longer range, map out your perfect ride, track your ride stats, and so much more on the Trek Central App.

See your stats

Keep track of the hours you spend in the saddle, the distance you ride, battery usage, and calories burned with activity tracking.

Tuned to you

You’re in control with three completely adjustable motor tune settings that let you quickly adapt Domane+ SLR to your terrain or riding style.

Plan your ride

Map out the perfect ride with easy-to-use maps and let the app show you how far you’ll make it with your current battery level.

Wanna go even farther?

Enjoy even bigger rides with a compact 160Wh Range Extender that lets you explore ~90 miles in Eco Mode. This compact, bottle-shaped backup battery tucks neatly into your existing bottle cage for simple connection to the charge port without any additional hardware. Just toss it into the existing cage, plug in, and go.

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Domane+ SLR 

Domane+ SLR is our lightest and quietest e-road bike ever, complete with our highest-level 800 Series OCLV Carbon, premium components, road-smoothing rear IsoSpeed, and a 28mph max assist that keeps you quick and comfortable on epic all-day adventures.

Assist: Up to 28mph
Range: Around 60 miles
Battery size: 360Wh

Domane+ AL 

Our highest-value e-road bike, Domane+ AL boasts a light and strong 100 Series Alpha Aluminum frame, a sleek integrated display and control buttons, and a hill-flattening assist up to 20mph.

Assist: Up to 20mph
Range: Up to 55 miles
Battery size: 250Wh

Meet the traditional Domane family

Carbon Domane

Carbon Domane delivers incredible endurance comfort, ultimate versatility, and pro-level speed in one podium-topping package. Enjoy ultra-light OCLV Carbon, newly refined rear IsoSpeed, and sleek storage options.

Aluminum Domane

Aluminum Domane offers classic Domane speed, comfort, and stability at an exceptional value. You get a light and durable Alpha Aluminum frame, a comfort-first carbon fork, and adventure-ready rack and fender mounts.