How do I get it?

To download the Trek Central app, go to the App Store (iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (Android devices), search for “Trek Central,” and then install the application.

Which operating systems/phones are supported?

iOS version 14 and above, as well as Android version 9 and above are supported.

Is there a web browser version to view my account or ride data?

Your user profile account data can be viewed by logging into Trebikes.com. You will be able to see your bike in your bike garage on Trekbikes.com. All other app data and functions can only be accessed through the app.

What if I don’t have a Trek customer account?

Download and install the app. Then press “create account” at the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts.

Why do I have to have a Trek customer account?

The app requires a user account for you to have an awesome experience with your bike that requires some profile information. For example, your weight is used to provide specific suspension calculation recommendations and range calculations.

How do I know all my software and firmware is up to date?

Check for software updates in the app settings under “Info,” or check the app store. E-bike system firmware updates must be done through Diagnostic Tool at a Trek retailer.

I skipped the tutorial but now I want to go through it. How do I access it again?

Onboarding and Motor Tuning tutorials can be accessed in the app settings under “Help.”

Do I need WiFi to connect to my bike or use the app?

We suggest using WiFi the first time you use the app, as you will need to download a basemap and regional map to use any of the navigation, range estimate, or maps features.

You can use data to download these maps, but they are large ~250MB files.

You do not need wifi to use the app after the map download is complete.

Is the basemap download required to move forward in the app? Or can I use the other app features without the map files?

The basemap is required to set up the app and use any map features.

Do I have to enable location access to the app?

Yes, if you want ride tracking to work. Your phone will prompt you to enable location access at all times.

Why is precise location permission requested in the app?

Your precise location is needed for ride tracking, route assistance, and range calculation.

Why are Bluetooth permissions requested in the app?

Bluetooth permissions are needed for the app to connect & interact with the bike and its sensors.

Can I change units of measurement?

Yes. Press Settings and then Rider Profile. Choose between Imperial and Metric units, change language, or allow downloads using mobile data (default is WiFi only).

Does Power Saving functionality on my phone affect the app?

Yes. We recommend adding the app to the power saving exclusion list on your device.

In which countries is the app available?

The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play everywhere except China, India, South Korea, and Japan.

Which languages are supported by the app?

British English, American English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Danish, Slovak, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Mexican Spanish


Can I use the app with any bike?

Currently the app is intended for use with Trek bikes equipped with TQ motors.

Would maps and GPS-based tracking work with any bike?

No, these features still use data from the TQ system.

How do I connect my bike?

Turn on your TQ-equipped bike. The app will search until it finds a bike nearby.

Enter the six-digit code on the top tube display.

After connecting for the first time, the bike and app will connect automatically when turned on.

If your app loses connection with the bike, reconnect from the My Bike section in the app Settings or the “Ready to Ride” section of the app Dashboard.

How do I verify that my bike is connected to my app?

To verify connection, change the assist mode on your bike. The app should reflect these changes.

What are those numbers in the bike name? Can it be renamed?

That’s the Bluetooth address of that e-system, and it cannot be renamed at this time.

Can I give my bike a nickname?

Yes. The nickname can be set after pairing the bike or by going to the My Bike section in the app Settings. The nickname of the bike will then be shown in the Ready to Ride Dashboard, the Pressure Calculator screen, and the My Bike screen.

Can I connect my bike to more than one phone?

You can pair multiple phones to the same bike, but only one phone will connect and actively work with that bike.

Can I pair additional sensors with the app?

The Trek Central app will pair with Quarq TyreWiz and RockShox AirWiz sensors. No other additional sensors are supported at this time.

Where can I pair my Quarq TyreWiz or RockShox AirWiz sensors?

Go to Settings>My Bike to connect or reconnect those sensors.

Can I pair additional sensors or devices with my bike? Like a heart rate monitor?

You can pair most Bluetooth (BLE) or ANT+ compatible devices with your bike for additional ride tracking.

Does the app integrate with other e-bike apps like SRAM AXS?

You can connect your Strava and Komoot accounts to the app to upload ride data. Trek Central currently does not integrate with SRAM AXS or any other apps.

What can I do if my phone keeps disconnecting?

Connecting too many phones to one display can cause issues with iOS and Android’s security protocols, resulting in an intermittent connection. The fix is resetting the display, then reconnecting your phone(s). To reset the display:

  • 1. Enter RESET mode by holding both the down button on the handlebar-mounted remote AND the button under the display for 10 seconds.
  • 2. Cycle through the options by pressing any button on the handlebar-mounted remote, then select YES by pressing the button under the display.
  • 3. 3. Fully delete the connection in your phone's Bluetooth settings, then re-pair your phone(s) to the TQ display.

Note that resetting the display does NOT reset:
  • - Bike ID
  • - Speed settings
  • - Odometer
  • - Wheel size


How are Range Estimations calculated?

The estimated range for each mode is calculated using a robust algorithm that considers topography, rider weight, wind, and more. The bike must be connected to the app to use this enhanced calculation.

How can I export an activity?

Press the History button on the bottom of the screen and choose an activity to export to Strava or Komoot. You can also AirDrop your activities to other app users.

When your Strava account or Komoot account is connected, you rides will be automatically exported to Strava or Komoot.

How can I import or manually enter an activity?

You can import a ride file in the “Imported Rides” tab of the Ride History section.

What if the recommended pressures seem wrong?

These settings are an average starting point for the stock tires and suspension. Some riders will want to adjust from there based on riding style or terrain. Changing tires or suspension may also affect your recommended starting pressures. For more details on how to set up your suspension, visit https://www.trekbikes.com/mountain_buyers_guide/suspension_setup/.

How do I customize the data fields on the Ride Dashboard?

Press and hold a data field to re-assign its metric.

When my bike is due for service, can I take it to any bike shop?

Take your bike to a Trek authorized retailer to ensure a qualified technician performs the service. Other retailers will not be familiar with the frame or e-system, and will not have access to relevant service bulletins and diagnostic software.

Activity Tracking & Navigation

Do I have to ride with my phone and keep the app open to track a ride or navigate?

You can ride without your phone, but you will not get any data recording or other app features.

Does My phone need to be connected to my bike to use activity tracking or navigation?

Yes, to use app features, your phone must be with you and connected to the bike. You do not have to leave the app open, just running in the background to record e-system data. You can carry your phone in your pocket or a bag while the app is running, and it will still work.

If I do not take my phone or track my activity, will the odometer reading on the app Dashboard still be accurate?

Yes. The odometer data comes from the bike’s e-system. The odometer reading on the Dashboard will update the next time the app connects to the bike.

How do I start and finish activity tracking?

With Auto Start enabled (default setting), open the app, verify the bike is connected, and go ride.

With Auto Start disabled, go to the Ride Dashboard and press Record. Press Pause or Finish to stop tracking.

Turn the Auto Start function on or off at Settings>Navigation Settings>Automatic Ride Tracking

What if I forget to stop tracking my activity and drive away with my bike on my vehicle?

No worries! To track activity, your phone must be connected to your bike, and the bike’s rear wheel must be rolling. When the bike is inactive on your vehicle, the Trek Central app will stop tracking your activity.

How can I delete a ride?

You can delete rides on the Ride History page.

How does activity tracking work? Which values are tracked?

Activity tracking uses data from your phone and e-system to track speed, distance, elevation, bike power output, rider power output, location, and more.

How is the distance calculated?

Distance in the app is calculated using your phone’s GPS. The bike’s odometer reading is calculated via the e-system sensors.

How are calories calculated?

Calories are calculated using an algorithm based on weight, distance, terrain, power, and sex. It is important to note that this is a rough calculation and should be referenced accordingly.

The speed shown on my e-bike display differs from the app. Why is that?

When the app is paired with a bike, speed on the e-bike display is calculated using data from the rear wheel speed sensor. Ensure the wheel circumference is accurately programmed in the bike settings and in the settings for any other devices you are using.

When the app is not paired with a bike, speed on the app is calculated using data from your phone’s GPS, which can be affected by environmental factors like dense tree cover, difficult terrain, and weather.

Can I pause a ride instead of stopping it and starting a new one? Like on a multi-day trip?

You can pause a ride, but after 30 minutes of your bike being inactive all activity tracking ends. This is regardless of whether the ride is manually paused. If using auto record, the app will stop the recording after a 10 minute pause.

What do the red lines on the Range Cloud mean?

The thinner line is an estimate of your round-trip range (where you will reach 50% charge). The bolder line is an estimate of your one-way range (where your battery will be empty).

My rides are not automatically being tracked. What’s wrong?

Automatic ride tracking will be implemented in August. In the meantime, we recommend using the Manual Ride Tracking function. Turn on Manual Ride Tracking within the settings. Alternatively, going to the Range Cloud on the map screen before starting the ride will engage automatic ride tracking on a per-ride basis.

Motor Tuning

How do I adjust motor assist behavior?

In the lower right corner of the Ready to Ride Dashboard, then select “Tune Your Motor.”

Or go to Motor Tuning section in the app Settings.

Can I tune the motor to keep assisting above the factory max-assist speed?

No. That is illegal anyway. It also voids the warranty.

What if I adjust the settings and do not like it after riding it?

It is easy to reset to the factory settings by pressing “reset defaults” at the bottom of the Motor Tuning screen.

If I achieve a custom tune I really like, can I save it?

Your adjusted tune settings will be saved on the bike, so you will not need to retune every time you ride. However, if you adjust the settings again, you cannot save or go back to the previous settings.

Look for preset tunes and the ability to save custom tunes in future updates.

How do I know what to adjust?

Customizing your motor tune is highly dependent on many factors including your body type, riding style, personal priorities, and even the kind of terrain you are riding. Since it is so personal, we encourage you to experiment on a repeatable climb or section of trail that requires a lot of pedaling so you can feel the difference after adjusting the settings.

Max Power controls the maximum output of the motor and can be turned down to increase range.

Assist controls how the power is delivered. It is the factor by which your own pedaling power is amplified by the motor. Lowering the assist factor can increase range or provide better traction on loose or wet trails. However, the lower the assist factor, the harder you must work to get power from the motor.

Pedal Response controls how quickly the power engages. Go with the quickest response to get up to speed right away. Go more gradual to prevent lurching.

Can I reset to the default motor tune without using the app?

Yes, with the bike turned on, hold down the screen button and “down” button of the remote for +10 seconds and confirm reset on the bike