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Bontrager Sport Bike Saddle

$34.99 Model 14011
Fitness-focused Posture 4 saddle with comfort of a cut-out design.
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Fitness focused, and designed for comfort

The Sport saddle brings performance, support, and comfort to the posture 4 fitness rider. A full cutout design eliminates soft tissue pressure and the saddle's soft padding ensure an ultra-comfortable ride for the cyclist seeking performance in an upright seated position.

Product details

  1. Fitness Posture 4 features an upright pelvic rotation to go farther, faster
  2. Contour Relief Zone Plus (CRZ+) full saddle cut-away enhances soft tissue protection
  3. Tough, weather-resistant cover repels water
  4. Sleek, supportive padding provides comfort while maintaining performance

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Size 275mm x 163mm
Length 275mm
Width 163mm
Rail dimensions Round 7x7mm (Standard)
Cover material Microfiber
Rail material Steel
Weight 350g

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