Whether you're looking to commute by bike, enjoy a fun family ride around the neighborhood, pedal to get some exercise, or just want to enjoy the fun and freedom of being on two wheels, there’s an electric city bike for you. And, it’ll add more speed, distance, and fun to any ride.


Ride to work, run some errands, or just ride for fun! FX+ is designed for exploring more of your city.

Dual Sport+

Versatile and stable. Dual Sport+ is an adventure-loving hybrid e-bike that puts comfort first on any road or trail.


Our most comfortable city e-bike’s reliable power and upright riding position is perfect for fun recreational rides.


Sleek, speedy, and ultra-premium. It makes long commutes fun and is an awesome choice for replacing your car.

Powerfly Equipped

Built for trail riding and commuting, Powerfly Equipped comes decked out with ride-ready accessories.

Electra Go! E-bikes

For the casual rider to the daily commuter, there’s a Go! e-bike for just about everyone. Everyone looking for more smiles per mile, of course.

Why you’ll love our electric city bikes

Expand your world

Commute by bike, replace your car, or take on bigger weekend adventures now that you have extra power and range. A single battery charge can take you anywhere from 30-100 miles!

Easily carry all your stuff

Carrying bags or groceries is easier (and less sweaty) with motor assist. E-city bikes are equipped with rear racks, fenders, and integrated lights so you have everything you need to haul it all anywhere you want to go.

Conquer hills with ease

No more avoiding the scenic hilly route! And just try to hide your grin as you easily pass by runners and other riders on your way to the top.

Have a blast going fast

Trek e-bikes can go fast, but they’re always under your control. You turn up the speed (and the thrill) whenever you're ready for it.

Why choose Trek? We're your e-bike experts.

Wherever you are—we’re there, too

We have a worldwide network of certified e-bike retailers and service centers, so you’ll always be able to find a qualified mechanic who understands electric bikes.

We’ll take care of you

We’re proud to have the best warranty program in the industry. Every Trek e-bike is backed by a lifetime frame warranty and a two-year battery warranty.

Best-in-class electronics

We only use pedal-assist e-bike drive systems that meet our incredibly high standards of quality, reliability, serviceability, and ease of use.

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