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Adventure is what you make of it. How will you ride your Checkpoint?

Checkpoint is the gravel bike for the longest days, roughest roads, and biggest adventures. It’s light, fast, and spec’d with parts that stand up to the most rugged terrain. Disc brakes, ample clearance for a wide range of tires, comfortable yet responsive geometry, and massive potential for customization let this bike adapt to everything from gravel racing to winter exploration.

Adapt to any adventure

Checkpoint is made for those who cast aside the luxury of smooth pavement in favor of a more engaging experience. Part of gravel’s draw is the mystery of what the day’s ride might bring: unpredictable weather, unpredictable surfaces, and sometimes brutally long distances.

No two outings are alike, which is why Checkpoint is as prepared for any outing as even the most seasoned gravel riders. From geometry and tire size to hydration and packing options, Checkpoint is always ready to adapt to the day’s ride, whether it’s a trip to the brewpub or a self-supported backwoods stage race.

Racks and hydration: Carry everything, or nothing at all.

The longest gravel adventures require a lot more than your standard seat pack and Flare R tail light, but that doesn’t mean you should be weighed down with extra racks and cages on a short jaunt along the local trails.

Checkpoint is covered in rack and hydration mounts to leave the choice up to you. Fit up to three bottles in the main triangle, and mount your bags up front, in the back, down below, or up top. Scroll through the gallery above to see the just a few of the possibilities.

Gearing: singlespeed or wide-ranging?

Checkpoint features Trek’s Stranglehold Dropouts, a sliding dropout system that offers up to 15mm of wheelbase adjustment, in addition to allowing you to easily switch between running a singlespeed or fully-geared drivetrain.

Tires: Smooth and skinny or knobby and wide?

Gravel riders appreciate a wide range of widths and treads depending on the type of adventure at hand. Linking pavement on crushed limestone? Go with fast-rolling 28c slicks. Heading off on a dedicated dirt road tour? Throw on some 40c knobbies for extra compliance and traction.

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