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Faster than ever

The all-new Domane is the smartest, fastest, and most versatile endurance road bike we’ve ever made. It has an all-new, more aerodynamic frame and the same road-smoothing IsoSpeed tech that lets you ride longer with less fatigue—along with new integration features that make it the perfect all-around road bike for most road riders.

Redesigned from the ground up

The new Domane is significantly more aerodynamic and far faster than previous Domane models. The frame’s shaped tubes and hidden cables can save you more than a minute an hour over last year’s Domane, and there’s more than enough clearance to run wide rubber (up to 38c) that rolls fastest over rough terrain.

Always in control

Wherever you ride it—and you can ride it just about anywhere—Domane is smooth and stable. The frame has clearance for tires up to 38c and every model is equipped with disc brakes that keep you riding confidently even in the rough.

More choice for all genders

We believe every rider—regardless of gender, body type, riding style, or ability—deserves a great bike. One that gets you excited to hop in the saddle and ride. A bike that makes you want to go faster and farther than ever before. A bike that feels like it was made just for you. Because it was.

Trek is introducing the new 2020 Domane to give better fit and more options to female and male riders alike. Historically, we’ve offered smaller frame sizes geared towards women on women’s models exclusively. We’re now offering smaller sizes (down to 44cm) and more colorways on every single 2020 Domane SLR, SL. A smaller rider, no matter their gender, can now choose from every model we offer in these performance lines. There is no specific women’s offering for these bikes. They’re all women’s bikes. They’re all men’s bikes.

Why are we doing this? To give more fit and color options to all riders, regardless of gender or size.

Awesome bikes for everyone

Our Awesome Products for Everyone initiative was created to offer more high-end options to more riders of all genders. In order to make sure that you get the best fit possible, we are offering a Bontrager Women’s saddle swap on the brand-new Domane SLR or SL bike. At the time of purchase, if you find that you need an alternate saddle, your retailer is authorized to exchange the stock saddle for a comparable Bontrager Women’s saddle at no charge to you.

Ride with the road, not against it

Stay stronger longer

Wherever you ride Domane—paved roads, hard-packed gravel, or the cobblestones of the world’s greatest one-day races—IsoSpeed tech makes for a ride that’s smooth, stable, and fun. It allows your frame to move with the road, not against it, and soaks up the jarring rough patches so your ride is smooth, stable, and fast.

The smooth advantage

All Domane SLR models are equipped with Adjustable Top Tube IsoSpeed, which allows you to tune your ride’s compliance to your preference and your terrain. It’s the best way to ensure the fastest, most comfortable miles for where you ride the most.

Full integration

There’s more to the new Domane than meets the eye—and that’s exactly the idea. The ground-up redesign accounts for all the stuff you carry with you on every ride and includes a hidden storage compartment for a flat kit and a saddle-integrated mount for a Flare RT tail light.

Say goodbye to saddle packs

When it comes to carrying a flat kit, saddle packs and jersey pockets can do the job. But they don’t always look and feel great. Domane now features a frame-integrated storage compartment that allows you to neatly stow away tools and gear internally.

Your ride just the way you want it.

Trek’s precision fit data ensures that our bikes and touchpoints fit most riders right from the start, but no two riders are exactly the same, and that's why we have options to make sure your bike is absolutely perfect and just the way you want it. You can further customize with Trek’s ultimate customization program, Project One, where you can choose your model, choose your paint and choose your specific parts. And finally, your Trek authorized retailer will provide awesome service so all touchpoints like saddles and handlebars are dialed for the perfect fit, performance and comfort for endless miles of smiles.

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