Bontrager prides itself on making quality, innovative components and thoughtful accessories with a rider-first, no-compromise mentality. Whether you’re looking for a replacement part, upgraded components, or a fresh set of wheels, every Bontrager product is built to make your next ride better than your last.


Bontrager apparel is purpose-built to help you stand out on the road, hide from the elements, and tear it up on the trail.

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WaveCel is a collapsible cellular structure that lines the inside of your helmet. It works like a crumple zone that absorbs the force of an impact before it reaches your head.

A cyclist wearing a Trek-Segafredo team helmet turns and smiles to the right.

Using daytime running lights on your bike is the single most effective way to stand out to motorists while on the open road.

A Volkswagen convertible follows a cyclist on a paved road.
A cyclist hits a major jump in front of a starry sky.

From Santa Cruz to Waterloo

Keith Bontrager built his reputation on a no-compromise approach to engineering. Starting in his garage in Santa Cruz, California, in 1980, he tested novel ideas and inventive construction methods with painstaking attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality. We may have moved out of his garage, but Keith’s inquisitive mind and penchant for testing continue to guide Bontrager’s development process today.

Driven by the experience

What makes an adventure epic? Is it the distance travelled to the destination? The difficulty of the journey itself? Some may say a great adventure requires an element of novelty. After all, the wonder of exploration lies heavily in a change in one’s surroundings. Right?

Maybe not. We think the adventure you crave might be closer than you think. Take a look outside—explore your local trails, take a new route home, hop on the gravel road less traveled. Shift your perception, and realize greatness can be found in your backyard. Open yourself up to possibility. This is the key to a lifestyle of passion and discovery.

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