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Studies show using daytime running lights is the single most effective thing a cyclist can do to stand out to motorists. But not all lights are created equal. Bontrager DRLs are designed with a specific flash, focus, and range to help you stand out from a meaningful distance on every ride, day and night.

The best bike lights for road riding

You should use daytime running lights on every ride, no matter how bright the sun is shining. We recommend the Flare RT/Ion 200 RT light set for all of your on-road adventures.

See Flare RT / Ion 200 RT light set

The best bike light for commuting

Commute with confidence with the Ion Comp/Flare R City light set. This light is visible from a long distance to help drivers see you and help you see the road or path ahead.

See Flare R City / Ion 100 R light set

The best bike lights for mountain biking

Exploring after dark? We recommend the Ion Elite R or Ion Pro RT to shed some light on the situation. Pro tip: one light on your bars and one on your helmet can really help illuminate a trail.

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The Ion 50 R / Flare R Metro bike lights are great for standing out after dark and mount easily to your bike, belt, or bag. The best part: they come with a price tag that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

Shine like the pros

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What the world is saying

“The super-bright Flare RT is the smallest, smartest rear bike light in the game.”

-Bicycling Magazine, Gear of the Year

“Received praise from every tester”

-Outside Magazine, Best Cycling Gear

“So tiny you’d barely notice them weight-wise or size-wise”

-DC Rainmaker

“Unobtrusive and powerful”

-Peloton Magazine