Studies show using daytime running lights is the single most effective thing a cyclist can do to stand out to motorists. But not all lights are created equal. Bontrager DRLs are designed with a specific flash, focus, and range to help you stand out from a meaningful distance on every ride, day and night.


The Ion 50 R / Flare R Metro bike lights are great for standing out after dark and mount easily to your bike, belt, or bag. The best part: they come with a price tag that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

What the world is saying

“The super-bright Flare RT is the smallest, smartest rear bike light in the game.”

-Bicycling Magazine, Gear of the Year

“Received praise from every tester”

-Outside Magazine, Best Cycling Gear

“So tiny you’d barely notice them weight-wise or size-wise”

-DC Rainmaker

“Unobtrusive and powerful”

-Peloton Magazine