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Bontrager Serano RXL Carbon Factory Overstock Road Bike Saddle

$90.00 $224.99 Model 24626
Classic style, futuristic tech, and ultra-light weight for all-day racing.
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The throne of the world's fastest

It would be a mistake to label this popular road sadle a throwback for its classic shape. Serano RXL utilizes inForm BioDynamics achieving the optimal combination of fit and efficiency for aggressive road riding or riders with a high degree of flexibility. Oversized carbon rails and a carbon-composite shell keep it ultralight and supportive.

Product details

  1. Aggressive Posture 2 optimizes a forward pelvic rotation for highly flexible athletes
  2. Size Specific Curvature ensures each saddle is designed specific to its width
  3. Multi-zone density padding is strategically placed for optimal comfort and performance
  4. Oversize carbon rails for the ultimate in lightweight strength
  5. Carbon fiber-reinforced shell strikes a balance between strength and light weight
  6. inForm BioDynamic products optimize your natural movement for sustained, higher performance
  7. Requires oversize rail-compatible seatpost and seatpost ears
  8. Go green and save green – Zero packaging means zero waste and zero extra cost

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Size 270mm x 138mm
Length 270mm
Width 138mm
Rail dimensions Oval 7x10mm (Oversized)
Cover material Microfiber
Rail material Carbon Fiber
Weight 185g

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