Trek Foundation

A public trail development and land protection initiative

The Trek Foundation was established in 2021 to help protect land, develop trail systems for public use, and provide more riders access to great places to ride. The trail systems The Trek Foundation helps fund will remain open, protected, and free for all to use.

In addition to providing communities and mountain bikers with new and better trail networks, grants from The Trek Foundation help protect the surrounding land from development. These protected spaces will continue in their natural state, homes to vegetation and wildlife for generations to come.

This initiative is one of many projects that support Trek’s broader mission to change the world by getting more people on bikes. In its first year, The Trek Foundation helped fund four trail projects (and we’re actively evaluating more locations). This is only the beginning of a long-standing commitment to protecting lands, investing in great places to ride, and promoting a future with more bikes and more access for every rider.

Trek Trails at Harmon Canyon

The Trek Trails at the 2,123-acre Harmon Canyon Preserve span 6 miles of mountain bike trails throughout the canyon and will help ensure the protection of oak groves, stream crossings, and breathtaking views of Southern California mountain ranges, coastlines, and Channel Islands National Park.

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Trek Trails at Verde Valley

Located at Oak Creek School in Cornville, Arizona, the Verde Valley trails will be home to the Verde Valley Wheel Fun (FUN) program. FUN, an after school mountain bike program provides, in many cases, underserved children the opportunity to learn to ride a bicycle for the first time and discover the joys of mountain biking.

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Trek Trails at Eling’s Park

Located just west of downtown Santa Barbara, Eling’s Park is a 230-acre, privately funded non-profit park that contains—in addition to many other amenities—public mountain bike trails. The Trek Foundation’s contribution will help maintain and preserve the park’s 9 miles of trails that provide easy, free, access for riders across a wide spectrum of skill and experience levels.

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Trek Trails Rancho Alegre

Located in Los Padres National Forest in the Santa Ynez mountains, the Rancho Alegre trails were destroyed by the Whittier wildfire of 2017. The Trek Foundation’s contribution will rebuild 10 miles of mountain bike trails and preserve 250 acres that serve the community as a place where over 10,000 children visit every year to learn about natural sciences and experience the outdoors.

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Trek Trails at Mt. Telemark Village

The Trek Trails at Mt. Telemark Village consist of 17 miles of cross country singletrack, pedal access downhill and enduro style trails. In addition to the 17 miles of modern trail, the 70+ mile singletrack local mountain bike trail network can be accessed from the trailhead. The trails will serve as a practice location for three NICA teams and support the Birkie One initiative in helping local kids access the outdoors.

Trek Trails at Dr. Daniel Bright School

The Trek Trails at Dr. Daniel Bright School, located in Cottonwood, AZ, will provide students at Dr. Daniel Bright School and local community members an accessible place to ride their bikes. The trails sit on 4 acres of protected, desert land and will be connected to nearby forest service trail networks as well.

Trek Trails at Oak Creek School Cross Country Trails

Located adjacent to the Trek Trails at the John McCain Bike Skills Park in Cornville, AZ, the Trek Trails at Oak Creek School Cross Country Trails offer 3 miles of new singletrack trails on a 90 acre Forest Service parcel. The new trails connect to a mile of existing double track perimeter trail and will provide students at Oak Creek Elementary School and members of the local community an accessible and safe place to ride.

These trails and forthcoming projects supported by The Trek Foundation meet a set of funding criteria designed to ensure a meaningful, long-lasting contribution to the community, its riders, and the planet.

1. The trail development will help preserve the land in perpetuity
2. The trails will be open to the public and free to use
3. A commitment to activate the trails with the local community