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No hassle tune-ups and service. We’ll pick up and fix your bike. All you need to do is call.

We understand that life is busy. Oftentimes, taking your bike in for service before the big weekend ride or an upcoming event just doesn’t fit into your schedule.

That’s where our pick-up and delivery service comes in. Simply set up an appointment ahead of time, and we’ll pick up your bike, perform the necessary service, and return it back to you afterwards. Here’s how it works:

- Call the store to schedule your bike for pick-up. We will provide a 2-hour window for both pick-up and delivery. Someone over the age of 18 must be present for both.

- No surprises! When the technician arrives, they will provide an estimate of the service cost. A final estimate will be provided by phone before service begins.

- Assuming no special parts are needed, service will be completed within 48 hours and the store will contact you to confirm delivery. Payment will be collected via phone at this time.

-Call the store to see if you are within our radius for pick-up and delivery.

Don’t set off on another ride with a creaky bike you didn’t have time to bring in to the shop! With pick-up and delivery service, taking great care of your ride has never been easier!

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