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Fuel EX

If you want one bike that does it all, pick this one

Fuel EX is a full suspension bike that’s made to hit every trail, every day. From epic long-distance rides to rowdy local trails after work, Fuel EX’s balanced geometry and sweet-spot suspension setup give you nerve for descents and heart for climbs. We don’t think you should have to choose just one mountain bike. But if you do, choose this one.

Any trail, anytime

If you wanna ride it, chances are Fuel EX can rip it. This bike’s always ready for more.

Rip the rough stuff

Unmatched traction and stability give you courage to charge wheel-eating rock gardens and rooty roller coaster drop-ins. Whatever you get yourself into, Fuel EX has your back.

Ride up for more

Fuel EX climbs as well as it descends, so when the trail points up, you can get to the top with enough left in the tank to rail whatever's next.

Go with the flow

Whether it's party laps with your pals, that random race you entered on a whim, or an all-day singletrack adventure with heroic climbs and dreamy serpentine descents, Fuel EX is there for all your ups and downs.

More choice for all genders

Better for women, better for everyone. Think Women’s Fuel EX models are missing? Think again. We’ve expanded our size offering on new Fuel EX models. Now they’re all women’s models—and they’re also right for all genders.

We’ve made some major design changes to our all-new Fuel EX lineup to ensure there’s a perfect fit for all riders. Instead of having a select few models targeted toward women, now every model has more sizes and colors for everyone.

More size and color choice for all riders. More awesome bikes for everyone.

We believe every rider—regardless of gender, body type, riding style, or ability—deserves a great bike. One that gets you excited to hop in the saddle and ride. A bike that makes you want to go faster and farther than ever before. A bike that feels like it was made just for you. Because it was.

Historically, we’ve offered an Extra Small frame size geared towards women on women’s models exclusively. We’re now offering the XS size and more colorways on every single 2020 Fuel EX bike. A smaller rider, no matter their gender, can now choose from every model we offer in these performance models. There is no specific women’s offering for these bikes. They’re all women’s bikes. They’re all men’s bikes.

However, there is more to it than just smaller frames on all models. The XS and S frames have a familiar dip in the toptube to provide more standover. Increased standover has been the top request from smaller riders. It helps with fit and confidence while riding.

Also, the Extra Small frame size uses 27.5” wheels which gives a more proportionate fit for smaller riders. It keeps the hand position where it needs to. The Small frame is available with either 27.5” or 29” wheels. Each is a unique frame dedicated to that wheel size. More choice for all riders. More awesome bikes for everyone.

Awesome bikes for everyone

Our Awesome Bikes for Everyone initiative was created to offer more high-end options to more riders of all genders. In order to make sure that you get the best fit possible, we are offering a Bontrager Women’s saddle swap on the brand-new Fuel EX. At the time of purchase, if you find that you need an alternate saddle, your retailer is authorized to exchange the stock saddle for a comparable Bontrager Women’s saddle at no charge to you.

More Awesome – saddle time!

Stow it, don’t show it

OCLV Carbon Fuel EX models now feature internal frame storage to stow away your tools, gear, and whatever other goodies you bring on the trail. The quick-access latch is secure yet easy to use with muddy, gloved fingers.

Project One: make it yours

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