Flare Rear Lights

Are you being seen?

Research shows that riding with a flashing, daytime-visible rear light is the single most effective measure a cyclist can take to increase their likelihood of standing out to drivers.* Bontrager Daytime Running Lights are designed with a specific flash, focus, and range to make them more visible during daylight hours.


Many standard bike lights flash with a steady pattern. But lights that vary the frequency and intensity of their flash pattern can be more noticeable. The Day Flash setting on our DRL's uses an interruptive flash pattern with accentuated Lumen pops in order to more likely to be noticed during the day.


Creating a daytime-visible light requires intentional design. By directing or amplifying output, we intensify the beam and extend its range. Otherwise, a light may appear bright in your hand but won't be noticed in daylight by a motorist on the road.


The earlier a rider is seen, the more time a driver has to react and pass safely. Our DRL's are detectable from a greater distance than other standard lights. Every model is visible from at least 400m away, and select models are visible from over 2km away.

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"This light set is a winner"

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"This light is the only gear we tested that received praise from every tester."

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"Perfect as daytime running lights"

"They’re so tiny you’d barely notice them weight-wise or size-wise"

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"Unobtrusive and powerful"

"The folks at Bontrager lights have managed to pack a prison yard spotlight into a package the size of an ice cube"

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Which Flare rear light is best for me?

All Bontrager rechargeable Flare tail lights are Daytime Running Lights, which means they’re designed to help you stand out during all hours of the day and night, but the best option for you depends on where you ride.

Open roads

Flare RT is the best option for long-range visibility. This tail light has 90 Lumens of output with a distinctive flash, focus, and range for visibility from over 2km away during daylight hours, a 12-hour run-time in all-day flash mode, and wireless connectivity so you can control it from a computer or remote.

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City streets

Flare R City is a more compact tail light that’s best suited for use in and around the city. It has 35 Lumens of output with a distinctive flash, focus, and range designed for visibility from 900m away during daylight hours. It also has a wider beam that’s best for city streets, where side to side visibility can be more important than long-range visibility.

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Bontrager Rear Daytime Running Lights

Lights on for every ride

If you’re riding, you need to be using a Daytime Running Light. Bontrager Flare tail lights are packed with features that make it easy for you to use this essential accessory on every ride, day and night.


If a Bontrager light has “R” in the product name, it’s rechargeable. All Bontrager Daytime Running Lights include a micro USB cable for hassle-free charging.

Battery indicator

The built-in LED indicator light glows green for full charge and switches to red when you’ll need to charge up again.

Flash and steady modes

Multiple flash and steady modes let you dial in the best option for your conditions, day and night.

Blendr integration

Carry your Flare lights on your bike, on your helmet, or both! Blendr compatibility lets you seamlessly integrate Flare lights with Blendr-compatible Bontrager saddles, fenders, and helmets

Wireless connectivity

All Bontrager lights with the RT surname have wireless connectivity. Control your lights (and even set them up to power on when you start riding) by pairing them with Bontrager’s RIDEtime Elite computer, certain Garmin units, or Bontrager’s Transmitr remote.