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Bontrager TLR Tire Sealant

$4.99 - $29.99 Model 27290
Bontrager's latest TLR sealant seals faster, lasts longer, and holds air better than the original. It’s also 100% more blue.
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Seal(ant) of approval

Bontrager's latest TLR sealant seals faster, lasts longer, and provides better air retention so you have a better tubeless experience with easier setup. The ammonia-free formula won't corrode rims or degrade tire rubber, and it provides permanent repair for punctures up to 6.5mm.

Product details

  1. Improved flat protection seals punctures faster
  2. Increased air retention holds air longer with 3x less air loss than the original
  3. Compatible with all TLR tires for use on road, gravel, and mountain bikes
  4. Ammonia-free mixture won't corrode alloy rims or degrade tires
  5. Effective in temperatures ranging from -5 to 120 degrees F (-21 to 49 degrees C)
  6. Cool new blue color
  7. Use with Bontrager TLR wheels, sealant, and rim strips for a complete tubeless system designed and tested to work together
  8. Can be used in tubes to help seal punctures

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Go tubeless

A properly set up tubeless system lets you run lower tire pressure for better traction, added confidence, and a smoother, faster ride.

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