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Allant+ FAQ


How can I best define Allant+?
The new Allant+ is the ultimate e-bike built for riders who want more: More distance, more style and more fun. It is the perfect bike for riders who want to say goodbye to their car and want to go farther and faster, on a sleek, comfortable and capable ride.

Are Allant+ models available in a Carbon?
Yes, Allant+ 9.9 and 9.9S are available with an OCLV Carbon frame and fork.

Are Allant+ models available in an Aluminum frame?
Yes, Allant+ 9S, 8, 8S, 7S and 7 are available with an Aluminum frame and fork.

What is the geometry of Allant+ like?
All Allant+ bikes are designed around an active, Posture5 riding position.

What drive unit is featured on Allant+?
All Allant+ speedpedelec models feature the all new Performance Line Speed (250Watt, 75Nm, 45km/h or 28mph).

All other Allant+ models feature the all new Performance Line CX (250Watt 75Nm, 25km/h or 20mph).

What display is featured on Allant+?
Allant+ 7S and 7 features the Bosch Purion display.

Allant+ 8 and above models feature either the Bosch Kiox display with the LOCK anti-theft solution, or in North America, the Bosch SmartphoneHub controller paired with the Bosch COBI.Bike app.

What battery is featured on Allant+?
Allant+ 7S, 7 and 8 features the Bosch Powertube 500Wh.

Allant+ 8 and above models feature the all new Bosch Powertube 625Wh.

What is the level of integration on Allant+?
The level of integration is High to Very High.

All Allant+ have integrated cable routing.

All Allant+ use Trek’s Removable Integrated Battery system that fully integrates the Bosch Powertube into the frame.

The OCLV Carbon Allant+ 9.9 and 9.9S use a Cable Guidr stem that integrates all cables into the stem.

Is it possible to upgrade my battery?
No. It is however possible to add an extra battery. We call it Range Boost!

What is Range Boost?
Range Boost seamlessly attaches a second long-range 500Wh Bosch battery to your bike’s down tube for an increased distance and time between charges. That’s the kind of range that’ll convince you to ditch your car for good and enjoy a lifestyle with no emissions, no parking fees, no gridlock, and no fill-ups.

How do I get Range Boost?
You can buy it now or later. Simple purchase it with your bike later if you feel you need some extra range. Range Boost needs to be installed by your dealer.

Can I remove the additional battery?
Yes, you’ll still be able to access your battery easily when you add Range Boost! One key will give you access to your main battery as well as Range Boost battery.

How do I charge the battery?
The battery charges much like a smartphone does. Plug the charger into a wall outlet and connect it to the plug on the side of the downtube, or simply remove the battery and plug it in. All five green LEDs will light up when the battery is fully charged.

How long does it take to charge the battery?
Depending on the battery capacity it takes up to 4.5hours for a 100% charge*:
500Wh / 50% - 2h / 100% - 4.5h.
625Wh / 50% - 2.1h / 100% - 4.9h.
*Using a standard charger

What is the range of the battery?
The battery’s range will be determined by several variables, including terrain, wind, rider weight, and riding preferences. As a result, range can vary from 15-100 miles/32-160 kilometers. Bosch has a handy e-bike range calculator that will help you estimate range for specific riding conditions.

Can I charge by pedaling?
No, you cannot. Regenerative motors are more commonly found on hub motors. Trek uses a more efficient Bosch mid-drive motor that is built into the frame. Most regenerative motors give negligible energy back to the battery and sacrifice a lot in efficiency.

Can I leave the battery on the bike?

Is the battery waterproof?

Can I lock the battery?
Yes, but we recommend keeping the battery out of extreme heat or cold.

What are the warranty terms for Allant+?
The frame has a lifetime warranty. The motor has a 2-year warranty through Bosch. The battery has a 500-charge cycle/2-year warranty (whichever comes first) through Bosch.

Will replacement batteries be available?
For replacement batteries and warranty claims, retailers will need to contact their local Bosch Service Center.

Where can Allant+ be serviced?
Trek retailers with Trek Certified Expert Technicians or Bosch Certified Technicians have the tools and expertise to work on the Bosch system.

Will the lights still work if the battery is dead?
Yes—the lights will work long enough to get most riders home!

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