Trek-Segafredo's Mads Pedersen descending along a narrow paved road, with a valley in the distance.

Aeolus, god of wind

Aeolus is both friend and foe. He doles out tailwinds, headwinds, and crosswinds in equal measure. His power is the inspiration behind every pair of Aeolus wheels, and the reason why we’ve spent over 25 years engineering ways to outsmart him.

Using our industry leading OCLV Carbon layup process and state-of-the-art aerodynamics modeling, we developed a complete lineup of wheels with proven, stable designs that deliver free speed at ultra-low weights. Multiple levels of performance and pricing ensure there’s lots of options for dedicated racers, avid riders, and weekend warriors.

Raced by Trek-Segafredo

We work closely with the pros of Trek-Segafredo to develop gear that helps them ride faster and more confidently on race day. And it’s not just the pros who benefit from this relationship. Athlete input makes products like Aeolus RSL wheels—our lightest, fastest, and most stable wheels ever—better for every rider.

All-new Aeolus wheels

Two road cyclists in motion, descending quickly down a curving mountain road.

A difference you can feel

Upgrading to carbon wheels is the single biggest performance boost you can give your bike. They’re lighter and more responsive than alloy wheels, which gives you more free speed, better acceleration, and a ride quality that’s unmatched. Plus, Bontrager carbon wheels are warrantied for life and come with the best support in the industry. Ride with confidence day in and day out, knowing you’ve chosen wheels with proven performance designed to go the distance, fast.

Speed you can feel

All Aeolus wheels feature aerodynamic profiles designed to slice through the wind and bring more speed and confidence to your ride. Upgrade to Aeolus and let the god of the wind unleash the power of free speed to make your bike faster

OCLV Carbon

Our proprietary carbon manufacturing process delivers wheels that are the perfect blend of light weight, strength, and stiffness for unparalleled performance on every ride.

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Warrantied for life

Carbon wheels can lighten your ride and improve your performance—and when you ride Bontrager, your investment is protected. All Bontrager carbon wheels are backed by a lifetime warranty for the original owner.

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Carbon Care

Every set of Bontrager carbon wheels is backed by the Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Program. In the unlikely event that you damage your Bontrager carbon wheels within the first two years of ownership, we’ll repair or replace them for free.

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Your guide to the Aeolus lineup

Aeolus offers a complete lineup of carbon wheels in multiple depths to suit any budget. There’s an Aeolus wheelset for you no matter the level of performance you need or the type of riding you do.

Aeolus RSL

We built the all-new Aeolus RSL wheels in pursuit of ultimate speed for every rider. They're the fastest wheels we've ever made, and they're available in a wide-range of depths from 37mm to 75mm to help you be the fastest you, wherever you're chasing speed.

Aeolus Pro

Pro models combine our high-end tech with a high-value build. Look for the light and fast 37mm depth or the even speedier 50mm depth. They’re also available in a higher volume version that’s great for larger gravel tires.

Aeolus Elite

These fast, light, and budget-friendly wheels make the upgrade to carbon easier than ever. Available in 35mm or 50mm depth.

Designed for gravel

Aeolus wheels marked with a V in the name have wider rims that provide more volume (V) in the wheel and tire system. This extra volume better supports larger gravel tires for more traction and stability, even at lower pressures.

A road cyclist in the distance beyond a tree, rounding a curve in the road.

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