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Fortune favours the fast

When it comes to course-scorching speed, what matters most is that it’s proven, and no cross-country mountain bike sets the bar quite as high as Supercaliber. From its first iteration to the all-new second-generation, Supercaliber has had its mettle tested on the most demanding cross-country courses on the planet. It charges ahead with hardtail efficiency and full-suspension compliance that crushes the competition. And you don’t just have to take our word for it – since 2019, Supercaliber has harvested an ever-growing collection of 30+ gold medals from the world’s most renowned competitions, from World Cups to World Championships, just to prove it.


More trail-taming travel

Year after year, cross-country courses continue to get gnarlier. Bigger features and rowdier rock gardens can send riders off the bike, that’s why we’ve bumped up Supercaliber’s suspension. Now with 110 mm of front and 80 mm of rear travel, Supercaliber gives you more compliance in the rough stuff, so you can rally faster.   

Trek’s exclusive IsoStrut shock sits at the heart of Supercaliber, shifting it into territory that rides the fine line between a hardtail and full suspension. IsoStrut is structural suspension that pairs damped, tuneable travel with unique pivotless seatstays that move with the trail, keeping you smooth and fast.

Strut meets Luxe

Smoother suspension performance with a new RockShox SIDLuxe IsoStrut means rocks and roots feel better than ever. 

Light or lighter

With two levels of OCLV Carbon to choose from, you get to pick how light you roll. Go light with Supercaliber SL or even lighter with Supercaliber SLR that saves grams by reducing material, using a higher-modulus carbon lay-up and skipping the guides for internal cable routing.

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As a feather

Gram counters, rejoice. Supercaliber SLR’s intensely light lay-up keeps weight shockingly low, weighing in at just 9.3 kg for a Carbon Red Smoke Supercaliber 9.9 XX AXS T-Type build in size medium.

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Extra fuel in the tank

Riding fast burns through a lot of energy. That’s why Supercaliber has room for two full-sized water bottles, so you can stay fuelled all the way to the finish line. 

No small flex

Flexing stays may make a ride smooth, but they can pose challenges when it’s time to brake. To allow for the most flex possible – and a smoother ride – we use a brake mount that floats around the rear axle, allowing the rear triangle and suspension to act freely while improving braking performance.  

Progressive cross-country geometry

1: Longer reach

Supercaliber Gen 2 gets longer in the cockpit for extra stability and control, so you can rip through rowdy descents. 

2: Slacker headtube 

A slacker, 67.5° headtube angle stretches out the front-end for easy handling on steep downhill sections and techy terrain.

3: More travel

Supercaliber Gen 2 gets a bump in travel with 110 mm in the front and 80 mm in the rear to haul ass on the downs. 

The Supercaliber family 

Supercaliber Gen 1

Sometimes less is more. With shorter travel suspension and steeper geometry, Supercaliber Gen 1 is for the cross-country purists who don’t want – or need – more.
• 60/100 mm rear/front travel
• 69° headtube angle
• 455 mm reach (size large)
• One level of OCLV Carbon frame

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Supercaliber Gen 2

Races can be won or lost in the rough stuff. Supercaliber Gen 2 brings more capability for technical terrain while keeping things lightning-fast.
• 80/110 mm rear/front travel
• 67.5° headtube angle
• 465 mm reach (size large)
• Two levels of OCLV Carbon, SL or SLR

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Got anything else that’s fast? 


Want a hardtail that delivers all the efficiency and minimal weight? Procaliber is a cross-country hardtail that jumps underneath you with snappy responsiveness. Perfect for those that don’t want any rear suspension.  

Top Fuel

Blurring the line between cross-country and trail bikes, Top Fuel is a fast trail bike with 120 mm of rear travel and 130 mm of front suspension.