Better business, better planet

It makes sense that a bicycle company would care about the environment. We make a product that provides a solution to many of the world’s most complex problems – congestion, public health, climate change. But for too long, cycling has been given an environmental pass. Even products that benefit people and the planet have an impact. And that’s an impact we need to address.

In 2021, we conducted our first emissions audit to better understand our footprint. We released a report about our findings and a plan to become a more sustainable global citizen. In 2023, we followed up with an even deeper into our emissions, company-wide carbon reduction goals and new business practices.

Today at Trek, impact is part of every conversation. Explore our Sustainability Report for a close look at our emissions, our corporate goals and the new ways we’re changing our business for a better planet.

Trek’s carbon reduction commitment

We’ve committed to ambitious near-term emissions reductions targets. Our commitment is company-wide and in line with Science Based Target Initiatives (SBTi). We plan to finish our goal-validation process with SBTi by the end of 2023.

Reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions 68% by 2032*

Source all electricity from renewable sources by 2030

Reduce absolute scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions 30% by 2032*

*from a 2021 base year

How we’re changing the business of bikes

Renewable energy

Trek’s headquarters and US manufacturing is powered entirely by renewable energy through validated Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). By 2030, we’ll be purchasing and retiring RECs for each of Trek’s owned facilities globally.

Reducing plastic packaging waste

We’ve redesigned our bike and aftermarket packaging to dramatically reduce single-use plastics. Since 2020, our new designs have helped us avoid the use of approximately 241,502 kg of plastic packaging waste annually.

Recycled plastics

We’re continuing to find many new opportunities to use recycled plastics on bikes and gear. Today, 38 of our products – including bottle cages, grip cores, textiles and helmets – contain a percentage of recycled plastics.

Threading lightly

Trek road and mountain clothing contains fabrics made from recycled bottles or textile waste, which has helped divert 24,922kg of material from landfills.

Building a world of change

We believe bikes can make a world of difference, so we partner with many organisations that use bikes as a force for good for our planet and people. Through our support of PeopleForBikes, World Bicycle Relief, NICA and others, we're advocating for meaningful change around the world.