A mountain biker descends a hillside, with jagged, snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Our e-MTBs let you explore more of the mountain and rip more laps than ever before. The natural-feeling, trail-tuned boost powers you up climbs and lets you be your own shuttle.


Powerfly is a versatile and powerful e-MTB that helps you explore more of your off-road world.

Powerfly Equipped

Built for trail riding and commuting, Powerfly Equipped comes decked out with ride-ready accessories.


A hard-charging electric trail bike with plenty of travel and proven technology to get you through the rough stuff.


Our lightest full suspension e-MTB delivers the perfect amount of suspension and power for long, fast XC rides.

Endless Adventure

Trek electric mountain bikes are stacked with smart tech that lets you see and do more. They ride like mountain bikes because they are mountain bikes, built on a legacy of frame and suspension tech that puts the rider first.

The world’s most user-friendly e-MTB

Trek sets the standard for user-friendliness in an e-MTB. These bikes are made to heighten your trail experience, not complicate it. Every piece of tech—from the Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) to the Bosch Purion controller—is smart, intuitive, and easy to use.

Better design, better riding experience

Trek’s exclusive Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system hides the battery in the frame for sleek looks and protection. It’s the first fully-integrated e-MTB system that lets you focus on what really matters—a bigger, better trail experience.

Driveside Access

Most in-tube batteries drop out of the bottom of the down tube, where the filthy souvenirs from your ride collect. But Trek’s RIB system gives you easy driveside access, from the side facing up when you lay your bike on the trail.

Tool-Free Removal

With RIB, there are no tools, small parts, or bolts to lose on the trail. You just turn the key and the battery pops out. The compact, one-piece design features an integrated handle that makes it easy to remove and carry your battery.

External charging port

Every Trek electric mountain bike is equipped with an external charging port, so you can easily charge the battery on or off the bike.

World-leading Bosch performance

Bosch makes the best e-bike systems, hands down. Nobody else comes close. They’ve led the world in battery and motor innovation for decades, and they’re the only supplier that provides outstanding global support and service. If you’re considering anything but Bosch, you’re heading down the wrong trail.

Trail-tough motor

Trek e-MTBs are equipped with off-road optimized Bosch Performance Line CX drive systems that help you rip up and down any trail you can find.

Long-lasting battery

Every Trek e-MTB is equipped with a long-life Bosch lithium-ion battery built to handle tons of rides, short or long, for years to come. Select models have batteries up to 625Wh.

Awesome global support

Bosch’s dependable e-bike systems are backed by an outstanding warranty, worldwide support, and expert service at Trek retailers around the globe.

Two mountain bikers descend a steep and dusty trail, with snowy mountains in the background.

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