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Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup in<br>Waterloo — 09.22.19

The Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup is a season-long competition in cyclo-cross, organised by the Union Cycliste Internationale. First held in the 1993–1994 season, there are currently four awards, tailored to the different categories of riders: elite men, U23 men, junior men and elite women.

Welcome to America's World Cup

The Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Waterloo is the largest and most exciting cyclocross event held on US soil. Raced in the backyard of Trek Bicycle's Global Headquarters, the World Cup is the main event of a weekend filled with racing, food, and fun. The World Cup is a family friendly event that is free to attend with plenty of concessions, games, parking, and lots more to do, see, and experience. Join the thousands of fans and the world's best cyclocross athletes in Waterloo, WI September 22, 2019.

See the race schedule

World Cup Schedule

8:30 9:30 UCI Course Inspection
10:00 1:10 Side events' races
12:30 1:10 Trek CX Cup Men Junior – UCI
1:30 3:00 Trek CX Cup Women – UCI class 2
2:45 3:45 Trek CX Cup Men – UCI class 2
4:00 7:00 Side events' races
7:30 10:50 Side events' races
11:00 12:30 UCI Official training
12:30 7:00 Side events' races
4:00 5:00 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup riders confirmation
5:15 5:45 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup Team Managers meeting
7:30 10:45 Side events' races
11:00 11:30 UCI Official training
11:30 12:05 Side events' races
12:30 1:20 UCI Official training
1:30 2:15 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup, Women race
(real start 1:33)
2:30 2:45 Awards ceremony
3:00 4:05 Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup, Men Elite race
(real start 3:03)
4:15 4:25 Awards ceremony

World Cup participation is by national federation selection only. USA Cycling selection criteria available here or contact your national federation.

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