Jet WaveCel Kids Helmet

Be glad they’re wearing WaveCel

The stylish, skater-inspired Jet WaveCel—the first-ever kids' helmet to feature WaveCel!

This kids' helmet is built with a leading technology in the protection against cycling-related head injuries, and made with style kids love. Whatever your little ripper gets up to, real or imaginary, you can be glad they're wearing WaveCel.

Bontrager Jet WaveCel

Kid-friendly style, parent-friendly features, and WaveCel—a revolutionary, Bontrager-exclusive helmet technology designed to absorb linear and rotational energy that occur during certain helmet impacts.

What is WaveCel?

WaveCel works by going through a three-step change in material structure to help absorb the force of impact before it reaches your head.

Protect what matters most

Young riders carry precious cargo on every ride: a complex, developing organ that gives them movement, imagination, memory, feeling, and more, and makes them the person and rider they are. Yep, we're talking about their brain. They only get one, and it's worth protecting.

Tested for small noggins

Bontrager's Jet WaveCel is built for the real-world needs of kids. It meets ASTM testing standards, which use a headform with a smaller mass that more realistically replicates real-world scenarios for younger riders.