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SRAM CenterLine 6-bolt Rounded Edge Disc Brake Rotor

$43.99 - $54.99 Model 22362

A centerlock disc brake rotor worthy of road or trail with rounded edges.

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SRAM CenterLine brake rotors are designed to keep the center of friction consistent throughout rotation, thereby minimizing vibration and offering quiet, consistent performance.

Product details

  1. The CenterLine design provides a smooth, consistent, and quiet braking surface
  2. Rounded edges make for easier wheel installs and are UCI-compliant
  3. Compatible with both road and mountain bike brakes


Size 6-bolt disc x 140mm 6-bolt disc x 160mm 6-bolt disc x 180mm 6-bolt disc x 200mm
Brake type 6-bolt disc 6-bolt disc 6-bolt disc 6-bolt disc
Rotor size 140mm 160mm 180mm 200mm
Pad compatibility All pad compounds All pad compounds All pad compounds All pad compounds
Rotor type One piece One piece One piece One piece
Edge profile Rounded Rounded Rounded Rounded
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