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31 days. Three goals. One stronger you.

Join cyclists around the country for the Trek Century Challenge and see how far you can ride in the month of July.

Just join the challenge on the Strava ride tracking app, ride a total of 100, 500, or 1,000 miles, and you’ll win a Trek Century Challenge digital badge and a custom t-shirt.

Plus, reach the 500- or 1,000-mile mark and you’ll be entered to win a custom Trek Project One bike and a special Trek factory tour experience. Not to mention all the bragging rights!

So—how do I get my prize?

When you reach the 100-mile mark, you’ll get an email from Strava with a form to fill out in order to receive your t-shirt. At the end of the month, we’ll tally your total miles and send a shirt that reflects your accomplishments to your local Trek retailer where you can go pick it up.

The lucky Project One winner will be chosen at random by the folks at Trek headquarters in Waterloo, WI, so cross your fingers and get riding!

The road ahead may look long, but you’re stronger than you think. How far will you go?

Only US athletes are eligible to win prizes from Trek. T-shirts will not be mailed outside of the US

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