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What is Mips?

The Mips safety system is additional helmet tech that’s designed to help prevent certain cycling-related brain injuries. Mips is designed to help reduce the harmful forces that might otherwise be transferred to the rider’s head.

Traditional helmets

Traditional foam helmets are designed and tested for straight impacts, but many impacts are angled, which can cause rotational motion of the head.

Potential for injury

The head’s rotational motion during a crash may cause certain brain injuries.

Mips technology

Mips is comprised of a low-friction layer which may help reduce rotational motion of the head in certain angled impacts.

How it works

Traditional foam helmets are designed to protect against straight impacts, however many cycling-related impacts can occur at an angle.

Angled impacts may cause rotational motion to the head, potentially causing the brain to rotate relative to the skull. This relative movement may cause the brain tissue to shear and stretch, which may lead to certain types of brain injuries.

The Mips safety system is designed to help manage angled impacts and consists of a low-friction layer mounted inside of the helmet. In a crash, this layer is designed to move slightly to help redirect forces away from the head.

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