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Turn your Marlin into the ultimate commuter

With a few choice accessories, you can turn your Marlin into the ultimate commuter bike, fit for daily rides to and from the office, grocery store runs, and a whole lot more. These easy Marlin add-ons up your cargo-carrying capacity and improve your everyday experience in the saddle

Bontrager BackRack MIK

This rack mounts directly to the eyelets on your Marlin frame so you can securely carry up to 55 lbs. with compatible MIK trunk bags and panniers. Choose the small BackRack for XS – M frames and the large BackRack for L – XXL frames.

Quad Lock Phone Mount

This system lets you securely mount your phone to your stem so you can display and follow turn-by-turn directions on a mapping app and easily track your rides. Pair it with the Quad Lock case for your phone model, available on trekbikes.com.

Bontrager Elite Water Bottle Cage

The frame-mounted Elite Water Bottle Cage keeps your water bottle secure on even the bumpiest commutes and comes in many color options to suit your style.

Bontrager Ion 100/Flare R City Light Set

This compact and powerful light set can help you shine and stand out, day and night. It’s designed for all-hours use, with a powerful 700-lumen front beam and a wide rear beam designed for extra visibility in city traffic.

Bontrager H5 Hard-Case Lite Reflective Hybrid Tire

This fast-rolling and durable hybrid tire offers extra puncture protection. Its tread pattern is great for commutes on pavement and packed gravel, and it has reflective sidewalls that can help you stand out in low-light conditions.

Bontrager Elite Keyed Folding Lock

This compact lock offers great security in an easy-to-carry package. It’s made with hardened steel and a soft-touch coating and features a unique folding design that’s easy to store in a pack or pocket while you’re riding.

Bontrager Adjustable Integrated Kickstand

This kickstand easily mounts to the rear of your Marlin frame, and it’s fully adjustable to fit every Marlin wheel size. The best part? You’ll never again have to lean your ride precariously against a wall when bike parking isn’t readily available.

Bontrager Town Single and Double Panniers

Easily haul extra cargo on your Marlin with rack-mounted rear panniers. These packs keep your center of gravity lower for more control (and help you avoid the dreaded back-sweat that can come from backpacks). Available as a single or a pair.

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