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All-new Madone SLR

The ultimate race bike

Since its first edition in 2004, Madone has set the standard for race bikes. It doesn’t follow. It’s right at home at the front, even among the world’s most sophisticated superbikes.

Today, that legacy continues with the all-new Madone SLR. It’s built without compromise to give you every advantage in speed and handling. It’s aero, light, smooth, and ridiculously fast.

The all-new Madone SLR isn’t just one thing, it’s everything you’d want in a single race bike. That’s thanks to a lot of incredible engineering and a wealth of all-new tech, including advanced aerodynamic shapes and a 700 Series OCLV Carbon layup, Adjustable Top Tube IsoSpeed, a new geometry, and new disc and rim brake options.

Advanced aerodynamics

Madone SLR is designed to cut through the wind and deliver your fastest rides ever. In both real-world conditions and in the wind tunnel, Madone SLR’s exclusive Kammtail Virtual Foil tube shape ranks among the world’s most aerodynamic ever.

Adjustable top tube IsoSpeed

The incredible thing about IsoSpeed is that it not only smooths out the road for an efficient ride, but also cuts back on the road’s fatiguing impacts so you can stay stronger longer.

Madone SLR’s all-new Adjustable Top Tube IsoSpeed has an incredibly wide range of compliance, and you can customize it to your preference. Compared to the current model, Madone SLR is 17% more compliant its most compliant setting and 21% stiffer in its stiffest setting.

Adjustable Top Tube IsoSpeed is also damped to rebound in a smooth and controlled motion, which gives you more stability. On the new Madone SLR, the force of the rebound is 13% less than that of the current model.

Plus, because Adjustable Top Tube IsoSpeed is horizontal and isn’t limited by the length of your seat tube, it’s able to closely match vertical compliance values across all frame sizes. No matter what size you ride you’ll benefit fully by from a wide spectrum of compliance.

Interested in learning more about the development process and tech behind the new Madone SLR? Read the detailed tech document at the link below:

Ultra-lightweight 700 Series OCLV Carbon

Every Madone SLR model is built with Trek’s insanely lightweight and stiff 700 Series OCLV Carbon, which is manipulated into Kammtail Virtual Foil aero shapes to cheat the wind. 700 Series OCLV Carbon is the lightest, strongest carbon available from Trek.

Unprecedented integration

Every piece of Madone SLR is part of the greater whole. Invisible cable routing, aero cockpit, hidden seatmast, down tube control center, integrated brakes, an integrated mount for a Bontrager Flare RT tail light, and frontend accessory integration with Blendr stem—each element is part of giving Madone SLR an unprecedented level of integration.

Rim and disc brake options

For the first time, the ultimate race bike is available in flat mount disc brake and direct mount rim brake options. Both brake technologies are fully integrated, so whether you prefer the molded design of the lighter rim brake options or the extra stopping power and clearance of all-weather disc brakes, you’re getting exceptional integration and aerodynamic performance.

Optimal fit and geometry

The geometry of Madone SLR was developed with the Trek-Segafredo pro cycling team. It’s a new geometry for Trek and one that puts the rider in the optimal aero race position. It’s slightly more aggressive than the geometry of previous generation Madone models, and it hits the sweet spot in comfort and speed for most racers.

New Two-Piece Aero Bar Stem

Madone SLR also features a new two-piece aero bar/stem combo. This provides riders more flexibility for stem and bar sizes and a wider range of bar rotation—all without compromising on the fully integrated aero cockpit.

Interested in learning more about the development process and tech behind the NEW Madone SLR? Read the detailed tech document at the link below.

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New Women’s Models

Madone SLR Women’s features the exact same advanced frame, with Women’s Specific Design touchpoints—like saddle, handlebar width, and stem length—that can provide a better fit and feel to some women from the start.

Lifetime warranty

It wouldn’t be the ultimate race bike without an ultimate warranty. Just like every Madone, the all-new Madone SLR is backed by a lifetime warranty. Ride with confidence.

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