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Kovee XC mountain bike wheels

Say hello to the lightest XC mountain bike wheel we’ve ever made. Kovee RSL has been raced to victory at the highest level, bringing home the gold at the world’s most epic races. And all that tech that takes Kovee RSL to the top of the podium trickles down to our other Kovee wheel options, so you can find the right upgrade at the right price point for you.

Shockingly lightweight, smooth, strong, and built to withstand flats, Kovee wheels are the best way to make every ride better.

Good as gold

We asked XC racing stars Jolanda Neff and Evie Richards how we could improve on the already mind-blowingly lightweight family of Kovee XC race wheels. They loved Kovee’s supportive width, confident ride feel, and tire support. They also appreciated the fact that Kovee can carry speed even through the most technical sections of trail.

So, how could these wheels possibly get any better? Jolanda and Evie had two suggestions: make them lighter, and make them flat less. Challenge accepted.

The all-new Kovee RSL weighs in at just under 1200g, with shallower rims to help absorb harsh impacts and thicker bead hooks to deliver a strong, durable wheel that’s ready to take hits. Kovee’s wider bead hook also offers a larger outside hook radius that provides more surface area on sharp impacts to help prevent pinch flats.

The result? Our newly-refined Kovee RSL wheels were consistently raced to victory by Jolanda and Evie during their entire 2021 season. The proof is in the golden pudding.

Our lightest ever

A meticulously sculpted shallower profile saves weight and offers a more compliant, faster-rolling ride that begs for hard accelerations and floats up climbs.

Smoother and stronger

A shallower profile helps absorb harsh impacts, and thicker bead hooks deliver a strong, durable wheel that's ready to take hits.

Wider and faster

A wide 29mm internal rim width better supports tire sidewalls and provides additional tire volume so you can run lower pressure for added traction and a smoother, faster ride.

Fewer flats

A wider hook bead offers a larger outside hook radius which provides more surface area on sharp impacts to help prevent pinch flats.

OCLV Carbon

Unique materials, state-of-the-art layup procedures, and advanced engineering combine for the most sophisticated carbon available.

Kovee RSL

This sub 1,200g wheelset is the wheel of choice for Trek Factory Racing’s biggest XC stars.

Kovee Pro 30

Hit the sweet spot of value and performance with the same rim shape and design as RSL with juuuust a touch more weight.

Kovee Elite 30

Enjoy the same shapes and trickle-down tech as the higher-level Kovee options, with a more modest build that’s lighter on your bank account.

Kovee Comp 25

This durable-yet-light alloy option makes it easy to upgrade to lasting XC race performance.

Warrantied for life

Carbon wheels can give your ride an instant upgrade in speed and handling – and when you choose Bontrager, your investment is protected. All Bontrager carbon wheels are backed by a lifetime warranty for the original owner.

Carbon Care

If you structurally damage a Bontrager carbon wheel while riding within the first two years of ownership, we’ll replace or repair it for free.* It’s that simple.

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Other MTB options

Kovee wheels are ideal for XC mountain bike racing on bikes like Procaliber or Supercaliber. If you’re looking for a more trail-oriented wheel that’s technical and durable to make the most out of a long-travel bike like Slash or Fuel EX, we recommend the Line family.

* Repair and replacement through the Carbon Care Wheel Program must be administered by an authorized Trek retailer. Prices are subject to change without notice. Repair price and free replacement does not include shipping to and from the Bontrager Wheel Service Center. Contact your Trek retailer for details including a list of wheels covered by the program, current availability, pricing, and shipping quotes.