All-new Line MTB wheels

Because you’ll never miss every rock

Bontrager’s all-new Line wheels are the strongest carbon wheels we’ve ever tested—of any brand. And thanks to an all-new rim design, they also helps prevent pinch flats. We know there are surprises on every trail, but Line wheels are built to stand up to the rigors of the trail and keep you rolling whatever comes your way.

Line wheels make an impact—and take them, too

After setting all-time records on our impact test, we decided to build an all-new testing device with a menacing guillotine impact anvil to better recreate a worst-case rock strike.

Our all-new impact anvil delivers blows more similar to rock strikes as they happen in real life. Trail riders will never see every rock—but by better understanding the forces at play in a rock strike, we’re able to design and build stronger rims and a better product. The result is an all-new rim design, and our strongest, most durable OCLV Carbon mountain bike wheels yet.

A great ride feel that lasts

The all-new Line wheels feature a shallower wheel depth (27mm) that increases vertical compliance for a smoother ride that gives riders a planted, confident ride-feel without being overly harsh.

This shape also helps the wheel absorb impact energy and better transfer it through the whole wheel system to help prevent failure. We also beefed up the hook wall thickness, giving it more than double the thickness of prior models for more strength and durability.

All-new rim design

The 4.6mm hook wall thickness increases strength and durability, while the shallower 27mm depth increases vertical compliance and helps better absorb impacts.

Strongest wheels we've ever tested

To make our wheels stronger, we developed an all-new angled impact anvil to deliver sharper blows that better represent a real-world rock strike. The insights helped make the all-new Line MTB wheels the strongest wheels we've ever tested, of any brand.

Fun-loving durability

Line wheels are trail-rated for durability and a balanced ride feel that offers confidence without being overly harsh on the trail. Because what good is all the strength in the world if it isn’t fun to ride?

Fewer flats

The wider hook bead offers a 300% larger outside hook radius, which means more surface area in contact on a sharp impact. This is great for strength, for durability, and for helping get rid of pinch flats.

OCLV Carbon

Line rims are made of proven OCLV Carbon construction for a strong yet light wheel with proven impact strength and durability.

Rapid Drive 108

Rapid Drive 108 hubs provide 108 points of engagement so you can count on your wheels for quick accelerations and to confidently pedal through even the most demanding terrain.

Good things last

All Bontrager Carbon Wheels are warrantied for life and come with Carbon Care, which offers free repair or replacement to the original owner within the first two years of ownership in the unlikely event of damage from riding.

More strength, more durability, more options

Bontrager’s all-new Line mountain bike wheels are now available in multiple options for every rider and every budget.

Line Comp 30

Line Comp 30 is a durable alloy wheel that’s up to the demands of any trail. An updated rim design and all-new alloy material deliver confidence on even the roughest terrain and most rugged rides.

Line Pro 30

Line Pro 30 is the ultimate carbon mountain trail and enduro wheel. It’s built with the lightest rims in the Line family, a more refined hub, and more compliant, lighter-gauge straight-pull spokes.

Line Elite 30

Line Elite 30 is the ultimate carbon trail wheel for value and performance. Elite delivers the same strength and durability as the Pro, with just a few more grams in the rim, and a J-Bend hub.

Warrantied for life

Buy with confidence, ride with confidence. All Bontrager carbon wheels are warrantied for life against manufacturer and material defect.

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Carbon Care

Bontrager carbon wheels are backed by Carbon Care. In the unlikely event that you damage your Bontrager carbon wheels within the first two years of ownership, we’ll repair or replace them for free.

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