Trek Houston Custom Fit Studio

Cynthia Stewart is Houston’s premier bike fitter. With years of experience and the latest cycling technology, a session with Cynthia and her team will make you a more efficient, powerful, and comfortable cyclist—no matter your experience level. Contact Cynthia for more information: [email protected] or 713-432-7720.

Trek Houston Custom Fit Studio is located inside Trek Bicycle Houston West University at 5339 Weslayan Street, Houston.

Cynthia Stewart knows how to make your bike fit your body

With over fifteen years of bike-fitting experience, Cynthia has worked with all types of riders—from beginners to professionals—to maximize their power and efficiency on the bike. And it all starts with comfort.

Your history. Your goals. Your needs.

Cynthia’s bike-fitting process revolves around you. Each session starts with an in-depth rider interview and physical assessment. That way, Cynthia can tailor the session to your body and your cycling goals.

Expertise and experience meet the latest technology

Using video and 3-D motion capture, Cynthia measures your riding stance down to the millimeter. She evaluates every interface on your bike—from your handlebars to your insoles—to analyze how each touchpoint can be improved.

Small adjustments for big gains

You’ll find that even the smallest adjustments can transform your power and comfort on the bike. Plus, each session includes a follow-up assessment to ensure you’re still riding pain free, miles down the road.

Looking for a new bike? Shop with confidence

Every session includes a detailed report so you can shop for a new bike knowing exactly what your body needs. And if you don’t have a bike yet, don’t worry. Cynthia can fit you with our state-of-the-art fit cycle.

Bottom line: Comfort is speed

Don’t let a bad fit keep you off your bike or the podium. Starting at $349.99, you’ll get the gift of longer, stronger, more comfortable rides. Schedule an appointment with Cynthia at the Trek Houston Custom Fit studio today.

“As an amateur racer, I’ve been going to Cynthia at the Trek Houston Custom Fit Studio for a couple of years for all my fits for all my bikes: road, TT, gravel, XC, and MTB. Cynthia is awesome to work with. She listens to all your problems on the bike and makes adjustments using sensors that can quantify ideal angles for maximum efficiency and comfort based on your flexibility and the geometry of the bike. The measurements of each fit are saved using a laser-guided probe, so you can easily update your fit as your flexibility and fitness increases. Cynthia can also mold custom fit insoles that maximize power transfer to your pedals. If you ever have pain while on the bike or if you want to maximize your speed with comfort, go see Cynthia Stewart at the Trek Houston Custom Fit Studio.”
– Deej L.

“Cynthia was awesome! I appreciate her expertise and the incredibly thorough bike fitting.”
– James B., Road cyclist

“Trek Houston Custom Fit Studio was very detailed in adjusting the bike to me!”
– Patrick S., Road cyclist

“I was originally fit somewhere else, by the wrong person, and it hurt my back. I had to stay in bed on medication. Cynthia spent 2.5 hours with me, fixing my position. In May, I became an Ironman—thanks to Cynthia!”
– Carolina, Triathlete

“As a new rider, I had been suffering. I just thought that was a part of riding. A few small adjustments on my bike and a change of saddle made riding a completely different experience.”
– Catherine