Illustrated pattern of trees, cyclists, roads, and mountains on a blue background.

Wondering where to ride? We got you. Check out our curated collection of local road, family, and mountain bike routes. Here, you’ll find the best places to bike in Kansas City, MO along with great cycling routes in Kansas City, Lee's Summit, Bates City, Blue Springs, Grandview, Independence, and Lawrence. Browse these options for guidance on where to ride in Kansas City, GPS files, and metrics on your ride, like distance and elevation.

Here are a few of our favorite Kansas City, MO rides.

Illustrated pattern of trees, cyclists, and mountains on a green background.
Illustrated pattern of trees, cyclists, and roads on a red background.
Repeating illustrated pattern of trees and roadways on a blue background.
Illustrated pattern of cyclists, trees, and gravel roads on a re-orange background.
A graphic depiction of cyclists and each of the four cardinal directions.
Illustration of a Trek retail location with other city buildings nearby. Dark teal background.

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