Denver and Boulder offer world-class riding of all kinds.

When taken together, the mile-high towns of Denver (a silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community) and Boulder (platinum) almost can’t be beat when it comes to great riding of every variety: hundreds of miles of paved pathways and protected bike lanes can carry you almost everywhere you want to go.

Chances are, you’ll spot a pro on your ride — or an entire peloton. From the Front Range, head east for flat and open road rides, north for rolling hills, and west for countless lung-busting climbs that weave into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Think the roadies have it good? Think again: There are around 1,200 mountain bike rides and trails within easy striking distance of Denver and Boulder, from Buffalo Creek and Hall Ranch to Betasso Preserve and Golden Gate Canyon State Park. The gravel roads around here take you from the city limits into the wilderness in minutes, rising to panoramic views of the Rockies and the plains.

With so many organized, pro races, triathlons, and mountain bike series, it’s impossible to highlight just a few — but don’t miss the Boulder Roubaix, Elephant Rock, the Hundo, and the Triple Bypass.