The bustling metro area of Dallas has a number of trails — and a passionate cycling community.

Throughout the eclectic neighborhoods of Dallas, you’ll find several park paths, protected greenways, and rail-to-trail routes — which all add up to over 150 miles of mostly flat, mostly mellow cycling miles.

Scattered throughout are several mountain bike parks and dozens of mixed-use trails, many of them built by volunteers from the Dallas Off-Road Bicycling Association, who put in close to 17,000 hours a year.

You can even put together gravel-grinding loops along the Trinity River, where the Dallas Gravel Ride takes place. In fact, you’ll find a good number of organized rides right in town (a 24-hour DORBA event, a Super Bowl Sunday 32-miler), and within a few hours’ drive, you can take on the likes of the beautiful Tour de Gap or the infamous Hotter’N Hell Hundred.