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Bontrager Bat Cage Water Bottle Cage

$14.99 Model 27863
A classic water bottle cage made from recycled ocean plastics. By giving new use to fishing nets collected in coastal communities of Chile, the Bat Cage is helping keep plastic waste out of our oceans.
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A recycled classic

One of our oldest products, the Bat Cage continues to offer simple, reliable performance, and it is now made from recycled fishing nets. Fishing nets account for an estimated 10% of plastic in the ocean and are 4x more damaging than other plastics. This design and use of recycled materials help keep unwanted waste out of our water.

Product details

  1. Made from recycled fishing nets
  2. Recycled raw material is sourced from ocean fishing nets collected in Chile
  3. Lightweight, durable design keeps bottles in place on the roughest terrain
  4. Secure bottle retention on and off road

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A global issue

Each year 18 billion pounds of plastic enters the ocean, polluting beaches and waterways around the world.

The net effect

Fishing nets make up an estimated 10% of all plastic in the ocean. What's even worse is that they're 4 times more harmful to the ocean environment than all other forms of plastic pollution.

A simple solution

The Bontrager Bat Cage gives new life to old and discarded fishing nets, keeping them out of our oceans and transforming them into something useful.

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Bureo and netplus

Our Bat Cages are made from Bureo's NetPlus nylon pellets. Bureo collects end-of-life fishing nets in Chile and recycles them into raw nylon so they can be made into everything from sunglasses to skateboards.

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One product, big impact

A one-year supply of our recycled nylon Bat Cages keeps approximately 44,000 square feet of fishing nets out of our oceans.

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Material Nylon
Weight 48g

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