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Kryptonite New York Noose Chain Lock

$109.99 Model 32574
A premium chain lock with maximum protection in mind.
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Ultimate security

Kryptonite's New York Noose chain lock delivers serious security for your beloved bike. It offers a unique combination of a chain and u-lock that effectively can create a cinch loop, resulting in less chain used to lock up. Hardened manganese steel links, a tough steel shackle, and drill-resistant lock won't bat an eye no matter where you park.

Product details

  1. 12mm six-sided chain links
  2. Cinch loop for effective lock-ups using less chain
  3. Protective nylon cover
  4. 14mm steel shackle
  5. High security disc-style cylinder
  6. Patented oval hardened steel crossbar
  7. Hardened double deadbolt
  8. Three stainless steel keys, one with integrated light

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