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Instant bike dashboard

With a sleek and unobtrusive design, this lightweight phone mount, crafted of forged aluminum, is the ideal minimalist solution for your phone holder needs.

When your smartphone isn’t enough, change out the provided adapter mounting suited for your Garmin and Wahoo systems. An all-in-one solution within a single mount, each of your screens stay visible and secure, even on the roughest terrain.

Product details

  1. Securely holds any phone with any case for minimalist profile
  2. Forged aluminum and silicone construction
  3. Securely installs on all round bars 25mm in diameter and wider
  4. Includes unique anti-rotation support under stem
  5. Silicone stretch web material secures phone while rubber bumpers keep phone in place
  6. Includes mounts for Garmin and Wahoo computers
  7. Weight: 50g

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Clamp Universal
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