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This thing really swings

The Pivot v2 will make sure your hitch rack never gets in the way. Smoothly swing up to a 4-bike hitch rack to the side for clear access to tailgates, rear doors, and hatchbacks.

And when it’s time to load up, the tightening mechanism makes sure your rack only moves when you want it to.

Product details

  1. Hitch type: 2" receiver
  2. Swings out towards passenger side
  3. Features quick release 90 and 120 degree swing away action
  4. Flatlock cam system makes sure your rack only moves when you want it to
  5. Approved for use with Kuat NV 2.0, Base 2.0, Sherpa 2.0 and Transfer family
  6. Also compatible with Kuat original NV - 2” Version Only, 2-Bike only
  7. Includes locking, anti-rattle hitch pin
  8. 250lbs (113.4kg) total load capacity, rack and bikes included

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