Trek CarBack bike radar and rear light

Know what’s coming

The Trek CarBack bike radar and rear light alerts you to rear-approaching cars and features a daytime-visible light so you can stay aware of your surroundings and stand out to passing vehicles. It’s a win-win for riders and drivers alike, allowing for safer passing and sharing of roadways.

Designed to help make roads safer for everyone

Helps you see drivers

CarBack’s focused radar helps detect rear-approaching vehicles from up to 240m away.   

Helps drivers see you

An integrated daytime-visible rear light can be seen by drivers from up to 2km away.   

See CarBack in action

Smart phone and GPS compatible

You can pair CarBack with most major GPS cycling computers, GPS sport watches, and with your smart phone using the Trek Accessory app.  

Visible battery gauge 

A four-bar LED battery gauge makes it easy to know when it’s time for another charge.  

Waterproof USB-C charging port  

A waterproof IPX7 rating helps protect your CarBack in wetter weather, and USB-C charging is quick and convenient.  

Compact design  

CarBack’s smaller profile fits on smaller frames and on bikes with saddle bags.  

Audible and visual alerts

Pair CarBack with your phone and the Trek Accessory App and choose how you get alerts. Keep the App screen open for a visual display of detected vehicles or run it in the background with audio alerts alongside your favorite ride mapping app, or from your phone safely tucked into a jersey pocket.

See rear-approaching vehicles in real time with the Trek Accessory app

Download the Trek Accessory app to pair CarBack with your phone and get the added benefit of seeing the exact location of approaching vehicles in real time. Plus, when you pair your radar with the app, you can activate audio alerts to get pinged for oncoming cars even when you have your phone in your pocket or are using other ride mapping apps.

Need a hand?  

Learn how to set up your CarBack radar with our simple guide.