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Fuel EX is a full suspension trail bike for riders who want a single mountain bike that does it all. It's right for you if you value versatility and expect your trail bike to handle everything from big days in the backcountry to your local singletrack and even the occasional cross country or enduro race.

Unbeatable ride quality

Fuel EX is sure-footed and composed on even the roughest trails. That's thanks to Trek-exclusive frame tech that makes it easier to hold your line over sketchy descents, rock gardens, and tricky corners.

Mid-fat or 29er: your choice

Choose between fast-rolling 29˝ wheels that preserve momentum or extra-wide and extra-stable 27.5+ wheels that give you unbelievable traction. No matter how you ride, there's a Fuel EX for you.

Women's models

Fuel EX Women's models offer the same performance, latest features, and added confidence of plus-sized tires with an alternate colorway and lower standover height on smaller sizes.

Dialed frame details

Every Fuel EX frame has thoughtful design features that look and feel great. Mino Link lets you quickly fine-tune your geometry while Control Freak keeps your cables tidy, no matter what combination of controls you run.

Project One: make it yours

You can customize your Fuel EX through Project One, Trek's custom bike program. Make it yours by choosing from a broad palette of colors, parts, and personalization options.

Customize your Trek

  • Choose your styling
  • Choose your components
  • Choose your fit

Don't settle for anyone else's bike. Create your very own with Project One, Trek's custom bike program. Customize, personalize or sensationalize, the choice is yours. Just select the model, fit, styling and components you desire, and we'll build your dream bike.

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