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Santini Ironman Audax Men's Short Sleeve Triathlon Top

$224.99 Model 32022
A tri top that prioritizes performance with a sleek fit and premium, light materials.
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Aero comfort, fast performance

Santini Audax tri tops are built for the pro-minded triathletes with a streamlined and aggressive aero profile.

Lightweight, aerodynamic and UV resistant shuttle-woven fabric is used to promote ultimate performance by minimizing weight, regulating temperature, and reducing drag.

Product details

  1. Slim fit with front invisible zipper
  2. Thermo-welded cuffs
  3. Light, UV resistant, and fast drying shuttle-woven fabrics
  4. Double back pocket with thermo-welded side opening
  5. UPF 50 material

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Gender Men
Fit profile Pro fit
UPF rating 50+
Fiber content 80% Polyester / 20% Elastane
Material Woven
Material technology Antimicrobial
Sleeve length Short Sleeve

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