Electric bike range extender – Trek Bikes

Extend your fun

Upgrade your ride with an e-bike range extender that’s made for upping your distance and increasing your charge. These batteries are ideal for riders who want to ride longer, commute farther, and adventure bigger. The best part: there’s a range extender available for all our e-systems.

Bosch Range Boost

Range Boost seamlessly attaches an extra 500 Wh battery to compatible Bosch-equipped Trek electric bikes for up to twice the distance and time between charges. Available to order through your local Trek retailer.

TQ HPR Range Extender

Take on your biggest rides with a compact 160 Wh Range Extender that fits right into your bottle cage.

How does it mount?

This compact, bottle-shaped back-up battery tucks neatly into your existing bottle cage for simple connection to the charge port.

How far can I go?

The TQ HPR Range Extender gives you up to 44% more range for uninterrupted exploration.

Hyena Range Extender

Add some extra range to your riding with an additional 250 Wh battery that easily replaces your bottle cage.

How does it mount?

This 250 Wh Range Extender battery has a tool-free quick-mount system that lets you easily swap out your bottle cage for double the battery life.

How much further can I go?

Double your distance with an extra 250 Wh battery and take on bigger and longer rides.