Cycling jerseys are made with moisture-wicking fabrics that elevate your comfort and performance when you’re pedaling paths, soaring up roads, or hammering trails. A quality long- or short-sleeve jersey will help you go farther and faster in every season on any terrain.

Here, we’ll walk you through how to buy the right jersey for your needs, explain how cycling jerseys improve performance, and offer up pro tips that’ll make every ride more fun.

Cycling jerseys 101

Cycling jerseys are designed specifically to improve your experience while you’re riding. They’re made with performance fabrics, have cycling-specific features like pockets and silicone grippers, and are even designed with specific silhouettes that provide extended lower back coverage while bent over in a riding position.

They’re also tailored to different riding styles. Road bike jerseys are typically built with lighter weight fabrics, and mountain bike jerseys are built with more rugged materials to stand up to the rigors of trails. Not sure what you need? A great way to start is by exploring jerseys based on where you’ll be riding. We have great options for road riding, adventuring on mountain bike trails, and commuting on bike paths.

The right jersey for the job

Not all jerseys are created equal. Some are tight-fitting, giving a next-to-skin fit that’s aerodynamic for shaving seconds off the clock. Others are built with a looser fit for a more casual look and style without being restrictive. We offer jerseys in all different fits, from the aerodynamic Pro-Fit to an ultra-loose MTB fit.

Professional bike jerseys

These team jerseys come straight from Trek’s professional ranks of elite road, mountain, and cyclocross athletes. Every piece is designed for pro-level style and stitched from the same high-performance material worn by Lidl-Trek and Trek Factory Racing on the world’s stage. Plus, many of the styles are offered in a more relaxed fit that’s better suited to most body shapes than Pro Fit.

Jerseys for warmth in every season

It might not be every day that you get to enjoy sunshine and blue skies while wearing a short sleeve jersey. Chilly morning commutes or evening rides may call for more warmth and coverage. That’s where long sleeve bike jerseys come in handy. Long sleeve jerseys are offered in a variety of fabric weights—from light summer weights to thermal fleece, and even deep winter options.

Layering for a cold weather ride is crucial to staying warm and dry. We recommend starting with a wool or wool-blend baselayer, then layering on a long sleeve jersey, and finally adding a jacket or vest if it’s really cold.

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These jerseys count for more than style points

Your cycling jersey is a great way to express your style, but there’s more to choosing the right color than you may initially think. Choosing a jersey color that contrasts to your riding environment can help you stand out to riders and motorists.

Bright fluorescent colors are effective during daylight because they help you stand out from the surrounding environment. But without the sun, fluorescent apparel is no more effective than darker apparel. At night, reflective is what makes you stand out. Remember: fluorescent during daylight, reflective at night.

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Wash and learn

Washing your cycling jersey requires a little more care than washing an old t-shirt. But follow these easy steps and you’ll get to enjoy your new jersey for years to come. Just pop the jersey in the washing machine and choose a gentle cycle with cold water. Always line dry your jersey to get the longest life out it and remember to wash after every ride.

The Trek Apparel advantage

30-Day Unconditional Guarantee

Every Trek and Bontrager jersey is backed by the 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your new jersey, return it, along with the original sales receipt to the original place of purchase within 30 days for an exchange or refund. Think of it as a 30-day test ride.

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Made with sustainably sourced materials

Trek jerseys are made using fabrics that contain recycled plastic water bottles. Depending on the model, each jersey in our line saves between 13 and 28 PET water bottles (based on an average 16.9 fl. oz. PET water bottle). Our Spring/Summer 2022 jersey line will save 1.9 million bottles from the landfill!

Soft, feel-good fabrics

Every piece of Trek cycling apparel meets our stringent guidelines for quality and performance — and that includes offering a luxurious feel. Trek jerseys are cut from a finer cloth and made with love for you and the planet using sustainable fabrics.

You’ve got your jersey. Now what?

Complete your kit and gain even more comfort with padded shorts, cycling gloves, compressive socks, and headwear.

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